Has the Syrian intelligence decided to commit suicide?!


by Nadir Izzideen


Translated by Alex with Ping help

We all know that the Syrian regime is based on a fundamental pillar of the security services, mainly on the State security apparatus or “intelligence”, and this pillar has played a key role in the Steadfastness of this resisting regime and in addressing the plot targeting it for nearly 10 months, and this of course does not reduce the importance of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people supporting Bashar’s regime, And the role played by the Syrian people in responding to this external aggression.
Since the beginning of the events in Syria, the political actors controlling the Arab and international media claims that what is happening is a peaceful movement demanding freedom and democracy, the media used all legal and unlawful means to convince the people. So it completely denied the presence of militants killing and civilians and security forces and carry out sabotage operations in Syria, When exposed, the media claimed that they are renegade troops from the army!
If we added up the numbers of those troops we conclude single soldier remained with the regime
All this was not important and, does not require a response, especially as events have proved themselves contrary to the allegations. But fooling the minds of people reached a level that Saad Hariri and some politicians and analysts, to claim that the regime in Syria is behind yesterday’s terrorist operations against Central Intelligence in Damascus, this is no longer acceptable in any way!
The silly analysis we heard and we read between yesterday and today requires addressing the Arab and world public opinion,
The first question is whether the Hariri’s hatred level of gloating Syrians as it was clear yesterday at its homepage on the “Twitter Web site “? And to say that what happened was a failed attempt by the regime to cover what is happening in Syria?! Or is it an attempt by Hariri and his followers to cover their complicity in the plot planned by their masters?
With prior our knowledge, to the size of the plot, we will answer the question raised immediately after the event, which is: what is wrong in saying the regime stand behind the bombings?

If the regime wants to prove his theory about the terrorists, does it require sending suicide bombers to attack its main intelligence centre themselves?! Wasn’t enough to attack other target here and there?! At the end any bombing whether big or small is a terrorist attack
So, why the regime would detonate the main centre and a branch? Wasn’t enough to blow one to prove its theory? Does it require approximately half a ton of explosive material?
It is no secret that the Syrian regime in the beginning of the crisis sought to mitigate its importance, perhaps it was the biggest mistake the regime committed against itself and its people. Or perhaps it may be the result of lack of knowledge of the size of the actual plot.
In both cases it demonstrates the flaw in the structure of the security apparatus, not feeling the water flowing at the bottom of its feet, have no prior knowledge about preparing and smuggling armed terrorist groups across borders, which calls for a serious investigation to address this security flaw. But even after revealing the conspiracy, the regimes media persist in its highlighting the calm and stability in the major cities, especially Damascus to plant confidence and creating confusion among the Syrian people, while the opposition was persisting to show the contrary.
So why would the Syrian regime commit such a terrorist act?! Why now not since the very beginning, or several months ago, and use it to justify exterminating all armed manifestations in the country?
How funny is that the regime took advantage of the arrival of the observer mission to prove his theory! As if targeting one of the most important pillars is the only way to prove it
Historically, the bombings and assassinations in any country in the world, is a primarily intelligence specialty. Did the Syrian intelligence decided to commit suicide twice to prove its conspiracy theory?!! It’s not a theory but a realistic plot and Syrians are paying bloody price as every moment pass without stopping it.

For information only yesterday the Syrian regime supporters were invited to demonstrate in Damascus and everywhere as an expression of their support for the regime, to prove to the Arabs that the majority of people are still loyal, but after this criminal operation, would the Syrians dare to take to the streets in support of the Syrian regime? Is it, the bombing, the best way to show the volume of popular support to the Observer’s Mission?!
More importantly, how the regime will be able to react to what happened in the presence of observers, following agreement with Russia not to enter Homs and other places, and to avoid military docking, so that Moscow may passed its project in the Security Council?
It’s an illusion to think that the United States and some Arab followers would care for the bombings, in case they are not involved in it. After all the exposed and discredited schemes and their public support for the armed groups in Syria, are they going to stop at what happened? Or they will promote Hariri’s theory?
If we want to be realistic, we really should bear in mind that this form of criminal acts do not any fingerprints other than Takfiri’s fingerprints. Such groups have publicly expressed via electronic media means and the sites calling for “Jihad” against “infidels”, and to carry out suicide operations against security services …
This is the last horror option to be used against the recalcitrant regime in Syria rather than a war, the West can’t afford
Who would triumph the extremists or the will of the Syrians?

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