Has the Muslim Brotherhood Penetrated the National Security Council?

by mantiqaltayr

(Artwork, as usual, courtesy of the Mooselim Brotherhood and its Supreme Dude,Skulz)
1. Loonwatch is a good site for those who want to keep tabs on the utter stupidity and evil that has permeated both our popular and governmental sectors when it comes to Islam.  Recently Loonwatch has published a number of articles that relate directly or indirectly to the insane Michelle Bachmann (Shas, Minnesota) and her constant bleating about the threat posed by Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooselims in the United States. You see, they have stealthily snuck into the very core of our society and are on the verge of forcing every guy who marries a chick to pay her a dowry, or something like that. But I digress.
Anyway, after reading this excellent piece on retired General Jerry Boykin, who has also been featured in a video shown on Mantiq al-Tayr a while back, I decided to, uh err, wait just a second.
Hmmm, here’s the video.  See what a man Boykin is as he does nothing while one of his asshole buddies smashes a camera out of a woman’s hand. The woman is Allison Weir, the asshole smashing her camera is a wacko named William J. Murray.

Anyway, Boykin defends the likes of Baumann, damn, Bachmann – after all he actually tried to wage war on Islam while he was a general. Here’s a quote from the Loonwatch piece with the links: [Note to Shas Party Members and people who vote for Bachmann, the red highlighting is mine.]
“Boykin, however, is more than just a cheerleader for Bachmann – he’s a leading force behind the effort to drive Muslim Americans out of public life. Boykin recently became the Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council, but he’s best known as the lieutenant general who was rebuked by President Bush in 2003 and Defense Department investigators in 2004 for aggressively attacking Islam – in uniform – in the midst of two wars and an expansive anti-terrorism effort in the Middle East and South Asia.”
Anyway,  Baumann, Bachmann, sorry,  is convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the Department of Homeland Security, The State Department, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and she has sent letters to these departments telling them to fess up or she’ll personally visit them and sing a sefirah version of HaTikvah. Oh and the Department of Defense is also penetrated. That’s why the Department of Defense is bombing Israeli settlements in Palestine.  But I digress.
Anyway, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr ask former kibutznik Baumann, oops, Bachmann “Why do you stop there?” Yeah, Michele baby, let’s go up even higher. Let’s go look at the incredible Muslim Brotherhood influence in the National Security Council itself. It’s rife with Moooooooooooooooooooselims.  Why didn’t your Israeli Lobby masters point this out to you? I mean they could have easily also written for you yet another letter to the NSC just like they did for the others. And they could no doubt quote from the stupid bullshit program you cite in each of your letters –  a “course” produced by an outfit run by two well-known Israel-Firsters – Frank Gaffney and David Yarushalmi.  A previous major study by these two clowns, btw, is acknowledged even by the FBI – a frequent target of criticism on this blog and for good reason – to be complete bullshit.
Oh, by the way, Boykin was an advisor to their childish “course”.  Go to this link and look at all the absolute wackos who participated in that piece of Zionist bullshit.
So let’s take a look at the National Security Council and look at all the radical extremists it has.
2. Here’s the membership of the NSC taken from Wiki. (with a few minor edits.)

Structure of the United States National Security Council (Current)[3]


Barack Obama (Israeli Vice President for American Affairs)

Statutory Attendees[4]

(Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden) (Israeli Vice Vice President for American Affairs.
Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State)
Leon Panetta (Secretary of Defense)

Military Advisor

Gen. Martin Dempsey (US Army) (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

Intelligence Advisor

Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper (Ret.) (Director of National Intelligence)
Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.) (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency)

Drug Policy Advisor

Gil Kerlikowske (Director of National Drug Control Policy)

Regular Attendees

Tom Donilon (National Security Advisor)
Jacob Lew (White House Chief of Staff)
Denis McDonough (Deputy National Security Advisor)

Additional Participants

Tim Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury)
Eric Holder (Attorney General)
Janet Napolitano (Secretary of Homeland Security)
Pete Rouse (Counselor to the President)
Gene Sperling (Assistant to the President for Economic Policy)
Susan Rice (Ambassador to the United Nations)
Jacob Lew (Director of Office of Management and Budget)
John O. Brennan (Homeland Security Advisor)

Hmmm, I don’t see anyone there with those funny Arabic names like Huma Abdin or Dalia Mogahed, Hesham Tilawi, Sayyid Qutb, Mayada al-Shereef,  Mark Glenn, Mohammad Badie or anything like that. Hmmm.
But it’s all taqiya anyway.
So, go look up Jacob Lew who is the White House Chief of Staff, having replaced former Islamic Group member Rahm Emmanuel. (Technically he replaced the goy who took over after
Rahm, can anyone even remember his name?) Clearly Lew is a radical whose infiltration into the White House should have all good Americans shakin in them der boots o’ ders.  Lew got a tremendous endorsement from another radical extremist when Lew got appointed. It’s worth reading. Turns out all Lew cares about is following his version of Shari’a.  Here’s another link you all might want to read.
Okay, I can hear you all bitching and moaning, “Mantiq, that’s just one guy, it could be a fluke.” Well, you are right. So let’s look at another Mooooooooooooooooooooooslim extremist on the NSC.
General David Petraeus, Director of the Central Intelligence. Yup, Bachmann is correct, taqiya is alive and well at the highest levels of government. This guy says one thing, but behind the scenes he reveals his true agenda. Now he ain’t no Mooooslim per se, but he’s sort of a Gum’a goy (as we say in Egyptian:-)
Okay, that’s two. Let’s go for a least a hat trick.
Tim Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury.  Again, Bachmann is right on. Another master of taqiya. On the surface he is one thing, but as this non-Frank Gaffney-supported researcher shows, even the radicals themselves have acknowledged his membership in the club.
Okay, let’s see if we can find a four-leaf clover.
Hmmm, how about Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy? He’s from Michigan so he must have Muslim Brotherhood ties. He is indeed a member of the club.  Can’t find any real evidence of divided loyalties, but I guess that’s cause he’s just practicing dat der taqiya thingy.
But it only gets worse, with  Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Imposition on the Talmud (MBSHIT), it always does.
How about Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security? A well known Italian Methodist, and we know there are lots of them, it really doesn’t matter whether or not her mother, Jane Marie Winer, was a Muslim or not.
Okay, I can see you all now bitching and moaning again. “Mantiq, “A well-known Italian Methodist” is a dangling participle – hanging out there just like Antony Weiner’s schlong.”  Yes, you are correct. But I don’t feel like changing it.
Anyway, more proof of Bachmann’s allegations is that Weiner, a well-known Zionist-Jew, is just Huma Abdin’s taqiya-boy-toy – the poor guy has been used by her as a cover for her radical Islamist tendencies since under Shari’a Law Muslim women are required to marry Zionist Jews. But I digress.
Anyway, Napolitano has quite a history of funneling government funds to non-profitsrun by obvious fronts for Muslim Brotherhood organizations. This should cause an uproar and we here at Mantiq al-Tayr encourage Bachmann to have Napolitano’s outfit thoroughly investigated. It turns out that DHS’s program which has funneled over 100 million dollars (about 666 Euros) to these fronts was in effect taken over by a larger front group similar to the Islamic Society of North America. Read all about it here.
So there’s your NSC, infiltrated to the core by MBSHIT types.
3. For those of you who might be new to this blog, here’s a piece I did a long time ago on the nature of the Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooslim threat.
4. As I write these words it is the 23rd of Ramadan and it could just be that last evening was Layt al-Qadr – a night often thought to be on one of the last 0dd-numbered days of Ramadan. Often the night of the 27th is celebrated, but there is no universal agreement as to which date is definitely correct. What is Layt al-Qadr? I thought you’d never ask. How will you know what it is? [Note to Shas Party members, click on the arrow for the video to play.]

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