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As Syria Bleeds, the World Looks On

by Sami Jamil Jadallah

I simply do not buy the excuses by America and the West let lone some Middle East countries for non –intervention in Syria. The only and main reason the US and Europeans are reluctant to give the logistical support to the Syrian rebels is the safety of Israel.
America and the West are willing to see Syria totally destroyed, to see not 60,000 but 100,000 dead as long as there is not one single anti-aircraft missile in the hands of Syrian rebels that may one day be used to shoot down an Israeli jet as it flies over Damascus or Aleppo. That is the only reason and excuse for not arming the rebels. Arab and Muslims fighters should also stay out of Syria; this is the Syrian fight, not the misfits from all over the Arab world.
A much-weakened Syria is the best thing that can happen to neighboring Israel. A much destroyed country is a bonanza for Israel, a much divided Syria is a gift from heaven to Israel and ripe to conclude peace with Israel.
By not arming the Syrian rebels America, Europe and certain Arab countries are giving indirect support to Bashar’s criminal regime. Time to arm the Syrian rebels and let them finish this fight, a fight they did not start and did not chose and let them bring this bloody “spring” to an end.
No one including I are calling for the Americans or the French or the British to come to Syria and fight. Just give the poor Syrian bastards the right weapons to make the sky free of Bashar menacing air force and the anti-tank missiles to fry his soldiers. Should the West done so months back there will no 60,000 dead and the country will not be in ruins.
The Assad dynasty, criminal dictatorship and thieves never had the courage to stand up to Israel, even when Israel was kicking the hell out of the Syrian army in Lebanon. The Assad family and the Ba’athist regime were and are the best thing that happened to Israel and its northern borders. Not a single shot was fired since 73 and the Golan Height is booming with Israeli settlements, farms and ski resorts.
When governments send its army and air force to bomb towns and cities it is everybody’s business and an “internal affairs”.When governments engage in daily massacres of own citizens it is everybody’s business and not an “internal affairs”.
When the Shah of Iran was killing his own people it was everybody’s business. When Hitler massacred the Jews in the concentration camps it is everybody’s business,
When Pol Pot and his regime killed over two million Cambodian it is everyone’s business. When Milosevic unleashed his Serbian thugs to massacre hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia it was and remains everyone’s business.
When the local police and sheriff unleashed their attack dogs and water canons on peaceful Black demonstrators in the South it was and is everyone’s business.
Even occupying courtiers like Israel or Japan or Germany when they deliberant targeted civilians under their occupation its everyone’s business. Too bad it was no ones business when Saddam gassed the Kurds in Halabja and the Reagan administration send non other than Donald Rumbsfeld bearing gifts to Saddam only few days after massacring tens of thousands of Kurds. And it was no ones business when Saddam unleashed his attack helicopters on the rebelling South killing tens of thousands only few days after the allies concluded a truce in Safwan.
The Syrian people are like all other people in the world entitled to freedom and liberty and have every right to take up arms against a totalitarian regime that oppressed them for generations, robs them of their wealth and dignity, jailing hundreds of thousands with thousands simply disappearing forever. All of this was done in the name of “Arabism” and “Arab nationalism” and “fighting and resisting Zionism” as Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and “Arab” nationalist tell us. They said the same thing about Saddam when he ruined Iraq as a favor to the Americans in his war against Iran.
There is simply no excuse by the Arabs, by Muslims, certainly by the Americans or the Europeans to allow this war against the Syrian people to go much longer.
Arabs “nationalists” were too angry protested loudly when Israel attacked Gaza and killed couple of hundreds yet they are silent as one of their own managed to kill over 60,000 and every day a hundred and two hundred are added to the list.
I do not blame the US or the West for their cowardly position on what is going on in Syrian, however I take a strong view about the position of Iran from all of this.
Iran of all countries, a country that rose against the Shah and his regime that called on all oppressed people to stand up for their rights and freedom is so silent. I guess to every rule there is an exception and as Israel is an American exception so is Syria an Iranian exception.
I very much doubt that the Syrian people subjected to decades of “secular “ ruthless dictatorship are ready to replace it with a “religious Talmudic” ruthless dictatorship of ‘fatwa’s” and Islamic caliphates. Otherwise all the lives and destruction are in vain.

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