Haaretz reported yesterday that an Israeli man was “arrested on Friday for allegedly running an organ trafficking network in the Ukraine”

According to the report, the network operated for over three years and recruited donors via the internet. Most of the donors were young women who agreed to sell a kidney for $10,000.

The organs were sold to Israelis for $200,000 and more.  Ukrainian police estimated that the network made a gross sum of $40 million.

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3. Israel Being Mocked by The Independent

According to the Jersusalem Post the IDF told the inquiry that the group on the boat were “well-trained and likely ex-military” because “each squad of the mercenaries was equipped with a Motorola communication advice, so they could pass information to one another”. A Motorola communication advice? So these so-called peace-activists were armed with mobile phones! It’s a wonder the whole Middle East wasn’t set alight. And to think Motorola and other sinister arms dealers such as Nokia and Orange go round trading in this deadly merchandise quite openly…..

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