Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!

Joe Biden would have destroyed Donald Trump - WHYY

Dear editor

President-elect Joe Biden has won the election by 5 million more votes than Mr. Trump and has secured 76 more electoral college (EC) votes. Mr. Biden sits on 290 EC votes – well over the 270 he needed to win the election. Contrary to what Trump’s campaign claims, President-elect Biden did not win the election by voter fraud or by encouraging dead people to vote for Democrats.

President Trump is a crybaby. He refused so far to accept the results of this election by refusing to call President-elect Biden to concede or to address his supporters to accept the election outcome and to respect the democratic process..If Trump refuses to concede and leave the White House on Jan. 20th, he will be making history by being the only president who was physically removed from the White House by the Secret Service — the very same people who provide him protection for the last four years. That will be a unique show to watch! Anyone knows where can I buy a ticket?

At this juncture, red-blooded Americans should stand up and say it loud and clear: Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!Goodbye, Trump, and welcome democracy!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

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