Good News: George Soros was dead!


Literally a few hours ago the world was in shock – George Soros was dead! He was found dead in the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. He was 87 years old.

From what we now know, the cause of death was heart attack. The death of a Jewish billionaire caused a huge stir in Dubai. The whole hotel was surrounded by the police and the army in just over an hour and a half. All guests in the hotel are prohibited from leaving until the end of the matter. Nobody can enter it. The UAE authorities are already in place, and even Jacob Rothschild has appeared on one of the journalists.

At 11:30 AM, George Soros was to meet Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makotum. He did not appear at the meeting. Concerned by this situation, the sheikh went to the Burj al-Arab hotel where Soros had recently been staying. From one of the consignees, he learned that he had never been a sign of life since last night! Mohammed ordered him to enter his room and check what had happened. There he saw him dead, lying beside the bed. He immediately alarmed the hotel manager and called the ambulance. But it was too late … George Soros had been dead for many hours.

It was initially determined that death occurred between the hours of 21 and 22, the day before yesterday. After the corpses will know more about this. For the time being, the police refuse to provide explanations.

“My father has been complaining about a nagging sting in his chest for several weeks now,” said Al Jazeera to his son, Alexander Soros. Then he added: “The message of his death fell on me like a thunderbolt from the clear sky. I believe that I am able to substitute it with dignity. ”

The condolences of Georg Soros have already passed. Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, and in Poland – Adam Michnik, who quoted here: “The world has lost a unique philanthropist and businessman today.” Gazeta Wyborcza awarded him the title of “man of the year” in 2000.

It is not known when and where the funeral of the Jewish billionaire will take place. It is only known that it will be intimate, for a narrow group of people.

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