Golden Rule, Ron Paul Booed by Oxymorons


by Tom Valentine


Nothing illustrates the depths to which Our politics have sunk more vividly than this one minute video clipped from the recent Republican debate in South Carolina.

The only human, non- muppet on the stage, including the media types asking questions—Ron Paul—uses the Golden Rule “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” To explain his views on foreign policy and the Republican audience of oxymorons boo him.

Was this the famous southern “Bible thumping” crowd booing the mainstay philosophy of their “lord and savior” Jesus Christ?

Or was this simply the well-fed group of duffers and biddies who come away from their brokers only long enough to root for the moneychangers?

Either way that video is a surefire demonstration of the insanity that has swept America behind the Oxymoron “Israel-first” churches and the likes of Fox corporation, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Boortz and Laura.

In my home we were more dismayed by this telling moment on television than the unconstitutional NDAA getting votes in the Senate.

If any of the incompetent war-on-terror propaganda were true the fear might be somewhat deserved. But the lying propaganda is too obvious for words—Our people perish for lack of street smarts!

The land of my birth has bitten the dust; all that remains is death and destruction—the end times, self-fulfilled. I can no longer do the shopping for my family needs because most of the folks with whom I must mingle are beyond reach of reason and good sense; it is too depressing.

Before I take a calming walk in the woods, I am compelled to confess a grave error in a previous column that likely passed unnoticed: In defining my private Christian beliefs, I allowed a form of chutzpah to defeat humility, an occurrence that taught me how easy it is for man, a mere creature to thrust his thinking into areas reserved for God.

I wrote that the earliest Christians debated the nature of God, and divided good people over “silly, esoteric” matters that did not contribute to absorbing the vital lessons left by Jesus for all of humanity. How foolish of me. To what do I pray? Just another man?

I consider Jesus to have been the “fullness” of God, our Creator, Father, in a conscious sojourn on earth. That covers it for me.

I may aspire to preach the Gospels, and I write of my beliefs, probably too often for public taste, but I see my purpose as an elder journalist, who has experienced a full life on the fringes of power just enough to have certain useful insights. I will be less preachy in the future, as I return to the problems of nuclear technology and the fearsome lies roiling the Internet.

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