Gladio: How We Terrorized Ourselves (Archival)


“Not One Terrorist in a Hundred…a Thousand…is Real”

Gladio Killers – They Still Walk Among Us

by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Wikipedia’s report on Operation Gladio is reproduced below. This is a threatened document, an important part of our history. Help preserve it.)
The original article was written several years ago.  Since that time, Gladio units have reappeared in Norway with the Anders Breivik/Norwegian Police slaying of 77 and have become active across Europe under the guise of the anti-Islamic and ultra-nationalist banners.
America used Libya, during part of the Cold War, as a base for Gladio operations.  American special operations forces stationed there to be activated if Europe fell to a Soviet onslaught were said to be IRA terrorists undergoing training by Libyans.  If one stops and thinks, the idea of a Libyan training the IRA in bomb making had to seem more than a bit ironic.
How many Americans have heard of Operation Gladio? Many ask, how could simple Arabs or even Israel, put together an organization capable of 9/11?
If, as 78% of Australians indicate in a recent Herald Sun poll, America planned 9/11 herself, how did a democracy lose its way?
How did America’s intelligence and defense groups become terrorists? When did it happen and why? The answer isn’t simple, it started decades ago, when the world was at the edge of obliteration and two systems, or what we then believed were systems, fought for the hearts and minds of the world.

Today, all that sounds childish. A mature look at the Cold War looks more like two rats fighting over a corpse. Then, however, some saw it as “light and dark,” clear as that. Many believed the Soviet Union would drive its tanks through Europe like a knife through hot butter.
To fight this “eventuality,” NATO built a terrorist organization of massive proportions. The remaining cells of Operation Gladio, one of the greatest disasters of military ignorance in history, are busy today. We call some of them “Al Qaeda.”

Operation Gladio is the heart of world terrorism, alive and well, and built by NATO, built by the United States and used against America and the world.
Gladio, created to save us from communism, quickly became a terrorist organization itself, murdering political leaders, rigging elections, terror attacks to blame on one group or another. The “medicine” became the disease. It is now killing us.

This week, in light of failing relations with Israel over unresolved “Bush era” issues, 9/11, Israel’s role in manipulating America into two illegal wars and the despicable propaganda campaign they have run against the United States in her own press, something unheard of happened.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with GOP leaders, extracting a promise that they would agree to work with Israel against the interests of the United States.

Yes, we said “against.” America has no treaties with Israel, no Israeli troops support us but Israel has been caught, time after time, spying on the US, bribing public officials and military leaders and worse, working to keep America under attack.

They are either the worst friend imaginable or something else. Many are coming to realize that America has been occupied by Israel. When Netanyahu met with his Republicans it was because President Obama, much like Karzai in Afghanistan, is simply getting sick of them as Karzai is sick of the American occupation of Afghanistan.
There is a reason that dual citizens control Homeland Security, the FBI, the State Department and Department of Defense. Oh, you didn’t know that most of the key officials of those organizations are Israeli citizens? The news didn’t tell you? Well, in an occupied country, the “occupier” controls the news.

Michael Chertoff

These organizations are controlled so that any resistance will be crushed immediately. I am not one to talk about FEMA camps and black helicopters but Jesse Ventura seems to be right. Our most recent proof is the Yemen bomb scam. No bombs were found.
There is no Al Qaeda in Yemen, in fact there is no Al Qaeda, no matter how much you hear the word, which means, of course, “toilet.”
Former Homeland Security director, Chertoff, (Israeli) is raking in millions selling scanners which, other than being another humiliation, may well be dangerous.
When is the last time you heard of a bomb being found by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officers?
The last time a bomb came into the US, the “terrorist” was personally seated on the plane by an airport security official working for an Israeli company. He was walked around inspections.
Why search anyone at all under circumstances like that? The same company manages most of America’s airports too. Have we lost our minds here?

We know who the real terrorists are, they are the people we hire to run our security. Didn’t read that in the papers? Problem living in an occupied country?

Today, if you read the Daily Mail, the Thames Valley Constabulary, after several years, has decided to open a murder inquiry on the “suicide” of Dr. David Kelly, the expert who told Prime Minister Tony Blair that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.
For years, “backchannel” chatter has been that Kelly’s murder was ordered at the highest levels of government, not just Britain but America as well. More importantly, Kelly was personally involved in the Israeli/South African nuclear program and its dismantlement.

He was also the signatory for the 3 nuclear weapons that disappeared and he knew Saddam didn’t have them. The real reason for the attack on Iraq in 2003 was nuclear weapons the “45 minute” nukes, the “ambulance” nukes, that we claimed Saddam had. Kelly knew better, he arranged for their shipment to Oman and knew British politicians were paid millions to “look the other way” when these bombs disappeared.

Dr. David Kelly

Kelly’s murder is one of the thousands of war crimes tied to the phony war on terror.
Every tape released, featuring long dead Osama bin Laden is a war crime as are the very suspicious bombings in Pakistan, the very suspicious Mumbai attack and the 7/7 “incident” in Britain that the “organs of state security” are working so hard to cover up to this day.
In fact, there is a long history of bombings, Madrid, further back, Berlin or those in Italy during the 80s. All are easily tied to intelligence agencies and, frankly, have been by newspapers, politicians.
Here at home, it was more than CIA agent Valerie Plame who was attacked. A good friend and former UN Ambassador, a Middle East briefer for President’s Reagan and Bush/Bush, did the same thing as Kelly.
He went to President Bush and revealed that the intelligence that was being presented was false. He wasn’t killed. Instead he was arrested, charged with dozens of fanciful counts of working for terrorist organizations.

This was a warning. If they would go after one of President Reagan’s closest advisors and friends, a strong pro-Zionist and neo-con, anyone could be “gotten rid of.” Anyone who thinks people weren’t “gotten rid of” isn’t paying attention.


“We have met the enemy, and they are us.”

In order to fight communism, NATO organized through its intelligence agencies, ‘stay behind’ terrorist capabilities in case Western Europe would fall to the communists.
Hundreds of millions were spent to set up, in every country of Europe, terrorist organizations, bomb making factories in basements, underground organizations, terror cells.
This was done under what was called Operation Gladio. These terror organizations were used, from time to time, to simulate threats. They kidnapped officials, blew up trains and cafe’s, they became a real terrorist threat.
The newspapers don’t like reporting this but it is not only true but extremely well documented. As Wikipedia has now come under threat, the extensive section of GLADIO will be reproduced in this article. It should be saved.
Nearly everything we claim the PLO and other organizations were responsible for, including and especially Al Qaeda, has been the work of the GLADIO “stay behind” networks which were never totally broken up after the Cold War. GLADIO is Al Qaeda.
Everything that is claimed to be Osama bin Laden and the imaginary Taliban training camps, people who have trouble keeping camels alive, was financed by NATO as part of the Cold War and left to take on a life of itself, morphing into a terrorist capability that no one wants to give up, no matter what kind of threat it is capable of.

The long shadow of GLADIO now fuels an industry that has started two wars, controls the world’s opium supplies and has allowed the United States to occupy the Middle East as a “protectorate.” At the same time, however, the United States itself, though its love affair with treason, terrorism and spying, has, itself, become the real victim of the invisible networks it spent so many millions to build.

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