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Saudi Arabia is conducting a “charm offensive” in the United States through its princeps principiiMuhammad bin Salmaan, the Saudi king’s upstart son he is spreading the smiles and firm handshakes in an effort to win over the people of the U.S. who are, frankly, despondent over their government’s continued alliance with a country that still practices the most virulent forms of sexism, racism, homophobia and religious intolerance. But, thanks to MBS, as he is conveniently known, all that is coming to an end.  Yeah, sure.
MBS has declared women to be equal under the law to men!  He has ordered the establishment of driving schools to prepare women for the privilege of handling a moving car.  He has defied the best advice of his Council of Clerics who reject his willingness to permit women to go where they please, even though when seen on trips to Europe or North America, they conduct themselves like unapologetic hussies.  MBS has managed, however, to assuage any hurt feelings by assuring the Council that with the advent of driver-less cars, women will still not be able to actually drive themselves anywhere since the cars will be programmed to take them only to their mothers’ homes or to a PTA meeting.  (It is evident MBS did not learn about the woman who was run over and killed by a driver-less automobile a few days ago in Arizona – an event that only proves the technology is still 10 years away.)
Dr. Assad, who is not on any charm offensive, visited Syrian Army units inside the East Ghouta where Muhammad ‘Alloosh is, reportedly, planning to abandon the Jaysh Al-Islam, which was founded by his very dead brother, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, and to move to Saudi Arabia and link up with his Wahhaabist father.  Based on information gleaned from sources inside the Jaysh Al-Islam, the Saudis rejected his offer to return to the holy sands of Arabia in the same way they rejected ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini’s urgent request for repatriation.  The Saudis, it is suspected, wanted their main barbarians to remain as a fixture of the Syrian conflict so as not to dilute its effectiveness with desertions.  It was bad enough that the Syrian Army killed over 3,300 terrorist rodents during the East Ghouta campaign.  To lose a upper-tier commander as incompetent as ‘Alloosh would be disaster.
This is why ‘Alloosh declared his intent to remain in place defying the Syrian government’s efforts to relocate him to Idlib where he could lock horns with the obese ogre from Saudi Arabia.  According to Monzer, ‘Alloosh made his declaration through his spokes-rodent only after he got the message the Saudis did not want him back.  Monzer suspects that ‘Alloosh might try his luck in Jordan.
The East Ghouta is now almost completely in the hands of the Syrian government.  Make-shift camps are going up all over the perimeter of the area where escaping citizens, mostly peasants involved in agriculture, are receiving the care and concern they were denied all throughout the reign of terror imposed on them by the Saudi-financed savages who once dominated them.  Horror stories about the excesses of Wahhaabist terrorists are going to become the fodder of Vanessa Bealey who has made a brilliant case, time after time, against the so-called White Helmets who terrorized the population in the Ghouta by participating in executions and deliberate mass deprivations.
While all this is going on, Ziad’s predictions that the Syrian government would not sit idly by as American troops continued their illegal occupation of Syrian land using the canard of fighting ISIS are becoming very true.  The fact of the matter is the U.S. is trying to fracture Syria according to a plan designed by the Zionist squatters in Tel Aviv.  By empowering the Kurds in the northeast, it is Washington’s intent to give the envisioned new Kurdish state the economic ability to survive by seizing the oil fields of Dayr El-Zor.  Needless to say, Damascus is aware of all these maneuverings, and is sending in reinforcements to the East side of the Euphrates along with anti-aircraft missiles to challenge the doomed American plans.
Just in, the Russian delegation to the Syrian deescalation program and the Reconciliation Committee headed by Dr. Ali Haydar, have arrive at a modus vivendi with Ahraar Al-Shaam which will see them leave all Harastaa to the government.  Many have chosen to relocate to Idlib while others have successfully negotiated an Amnesty program.  Whatever the case, it appears that Harastaa is now louse-free.  Jaysh Al-Islam will probably follow suit now that one of its main allies is abandoning the sinking ship which is East Ghoutaa.

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