Getting 911 Criminals Will Clean House


By Stewart Ogilby

Participants in today’s protests are experiencing the jack-booted response of a fascist police State. That State, authorized by the Patriot Act, has taken off whatever gloves existed.

The full might of what used to be called the establishment has come down hard on activists known to be unarmed. A strong defensive strategy is now called for if public protests are to continue effectively.

Overseen by Zionist Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security funneled huge amounts of money to local police departments for the purchase of equipment, arms, and armaments.

The militarization of local law enforcement had as its purpose the control, intimidation, and abuse of persons who might dare defy the 911 criminals, the same cabal bent on destroying the economy and constitution of the United States of America. These are the murderers of 911. If you still do not believe it, please do some homework.

It is time for Occupy protesters to contemplate the direct link that exists between the deadly hoax and New York urban renewal project launched on 911, and both The Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security. When apologists for both glibly spoke of “terrorism” what they meant was simply the expression of formerly free US citizens who might dare defy criminals who planned and executed 911.

That event launched an open assault on our constitution and on our Liberty, as conceived by the founders of this nation. They must not be permitted to get away with that crime. Occupy protesters would do well to convene a revolutionary tribunal with a guillotine as its symbol.

Those in control of our mass media are accessories to the crime as they continue to broadcast false explanations of 911 and refuse to relay news to Americans of well documented findings that contradict repeated lies. Despite their best efforts, the 911 cat is now, indeed, out of the bag. There is no statute of limitations on the crime of first degree murder, including mass murder.

These criminals must be exposed, prosecuted, and eliminated. When this effort begins, persons who are presently intimidated from speaking out will come out of the woodwork. Shortly thereafter, some of the rats will begin to squeal, pleading for personal immunity.

Occupying streets, parks, buildings, and highways is all well and good. Bear in mind, however, that it is impossible to clean a house from the outside.

Those intent upon effecting political clean-up ought to do two things:

(a), devise a strong defensive strategy for public protests and

(b), convene a revolutionary tribunal for the elimination of those responsible for the mass murders of 911 and of covering up the crime.

Because those criminals happen to be, essentially, the very same in need of political cleansing, it is time to earnestly address what really happened on September 11, 2001.

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