Gestapo Officer Taser Palestinian Man


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Gestapo Agents
Zio-Nazi Gestapo  repeatedly tasered a Palestinian man after he accused them of using excessive force to control a brawl in a water park.
Al-Quds resident issued a complaint to the Zio-Nazi ‘Justice Ministry’ ??? over Gestapo officer misconduct following the incident:
“Every time I tried to rise to my feet, he pulled the trigger and shocked me again, even though I was handcuffed, my whole body was bleeding. I vomited and then went to the hospital,” said 42-year-old Talal Siad to the Zionist newspaper Haaretz. He was reportedly with his five children in the park when the incident occurred.
Zio-Nazi Gestapo police arrived at the Meymadion Water Park on Tuesday to control a fight that had broken out. Talal Siad, who was not involved in the brawl, was tasered once he intervened, accusing police of using unnecessary force to restrain one of the adolescents involved.
According to Siad the Nazi police carried on tear-gassing the downed teenager which prompted him to step in.“I told the policemen:
‘What are you doing? You’re killing those kids … and then he shot me in the stomach,'” Siad told Haaretz.
A  footage of the incident filmed by a bystander clearly shows police tasering an individual to the ground and then handcuffing him. As the man raises to his feet to stand up the police pull the trigger again, causing him to writhe on the floor in pain.
Zio-Nazi Gestapo Police Department claimed that the man in the film attacked the policeman and interfered with him in the line of duty. “A Taser was used in order to control him,” it told the same daily.
Talal Siad was reportedly told by the “Gestapo Police” that the name of the officer who tasered him would not be released unless he decided to pursue legal action.

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