German intel agency paid neo-Nazi mole $240,000

A German neo-Nazi (file photo)

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV), has been grilled over paying a neo-Nazi informer linked to a far-right terrorist group a wage of almost a quarter of a million dollars.

ed note–and how much is the US Gov paying their white nationalist/white supremacist/Christian Identity cousins here in America with their websites and internet radio programs who are collecting names, IP addresses and other sorts of useful information, to say nothing of the manner by which they keep all discussion of the problem involving organized Jewish power on an obnoxious, racist level meant to dissuade otherwise intelligent people from getting involved in the anti-Israel debate?
The head of a parliamentary committee tasked with investigating a string of murders allegedly carried out by the German neo-Nazi group, the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), confirms the account, The Associated Press reported. 
Lawmaker Sebastian Edathy said on Monday that the report correspond to the information submitted to his committee. 

Edathy said the payments, made over 18 years and totaling €180,000 ($240,000), were paid to a man identified as Thomas R.

German-language weekly Bild am Sonntag first reported the payments, and prompted German opposition politicians together with anti-Nazi campaigners to level strident criticism at the BfV. 
In late October 2012, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said over 100 neo-Nazis are still at large, and are hiding somewhere in the country. 
Friedrich told German-language newspaper Die Welt that despite measures to crack down on far-right extremists in the wake of a probe into serial killings blamed on neo-Nazis, dozens of suspects had been able to get away. 
“The Federal Crime Office estimates that as of mid-September, 110 rightwing extremists with outstanding arrest warrants have gone underground,” he said. 
“Again and again you have seen there can be a revolving door in the rightwing extremist scene between violent and terrorist elements,” Friedrich said. “We must gird ourselves against this.” 
German law enforcement agencies have warned that attacks by neo-Nazi extremists on foreigners, prominent politicians, and police officers are a growing threat.

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