Gentlemen, please take a few minutes and have a look at this video…

Along with some others, I recently received this message. It comes from someone who identifies himself as an ‘ex-Jew’ and was written partially in response to my posting the work of David Duke. It prompted quite a flurry among a small circle of us.
Do read it, watch the video and read the comment from Gilad Atzmon that follows. It’s something to think about.

Please take a few minutes and have a look at this video.  I am sending to Gilad, Henry, Paul, and Dan.  We have all connected because we have each had our own individual evolutions away from Zionism-  Dan’s as a non-Jew no less than the three of us ex-Jews, Henry, Gilad and myself, and no less than Paul who continues to call himself a Jew.  Non-Jewish Americans are just as inundated with the Zionist lie as Jews are.  And this journey has been how we’ve all come in contact with each other.
I now see a white supremacist bigot openly embraced and even promoted because of his work opposing Zionism and exposing Jewish power.  I am disgusted and bewildered.  Gilad admires him, indicating that his research and presentations are superior.  Henry intimates that my objections to David Duke indicate that I have not yet totally overcome my Jewishness and am acting as a gatekeeper.  Paul indicates that white supremacy is just another “ism” that prevents us from thinking.  I would counter that this platitude he presents about the “ism” is directed at preventing us from thinking.   Dan is, as always, the quiet observer,  taking in Jewish behavior-  not only Zionist Jewish behavior, but the behavior of his Anti-Zionist Jewish and ex-Jewish friends, with interest.  We are a strange group, we Jews, on whatever side of whatever issue we stand.  Do we ever recover from that strangeness?  And I’m only using “strangeness” because I can’t find a better word.  
I have already presented this video to Gilad, who indicates that, well, the things Duke talks about in this video, are not his- Gilad’s- concern, but that Duke has the right to his opinion.  Hmmmm…..  Then in the course of conversation Gilad wonders why I am so obsessed with this guy.  Well, I’m not obsessed with him.  I’m disturbed and disgusted by the fact that people I’ve come to know and respect, and have warm friendships with, friendships that began with an ideological affinity-  do not smell the stink of this guy.  I mean- he reeks, and you don’t smell it.  And I just don’t get it.  I suppose the reaction is like coming to love and trust my mother’s cooking and then one day my mother serves me shit on a plate.  I don’t get it.
It would take forever to dissect every issue and nuance in which Duke exposes his blatant racism, and I don’t want to take the time here.  But let’s just start with the fact that Duke laments whites becoming a minority in the US, and even calls it “genocide”.  He conveniently leaves out the fact that the largest non-white minority group in the US, African Americans, did not arrive as willing immigrants with passports, but arrived in chains.  He conveniently leaves out the fact that white slave traders and white slave owners, and yes, among them many Jews, produced a black majority in all of the southern states by importing and buying and owning many more black people than they had white people in their own families.  Blacks only ceased to be majority populations in most of these states in the middle of the 20th century when masses of them left the south for employment in northern industrial cities, and, also- importantly, to escape the violent racism of Duke’s KKK.  
But while you all dissect every nuance of Zionist insanity, of holocaust exaggeration, of false flag operations, of Jewish power, you want to give this guy a pass.  You want to dismiss the violence against blacks committed by his organization.  You want to say he “reformed” the KKK.  (Can you reform a toilet?)  And you want to say that he left his racism in his past. And you want to allow him to spew his nonsense about a genocide against whites.  And you don’t even see the similarity between his presenting the white persecutors of blacks as victims on the one hand, and the Zionist presentation of Jewish persecutors of Palestinians as victims, on the other.  And you don’t see that white racism is very similar to Jewish tribal narcissism, actually rooted in the same stuff.  American Manifest Destiny is rooted in the same Old Testament chosenness as Zionism.  Your naivity is astounding to me, as is your willingness to embrace and even promote this disgusting piece of shit, and criticize me for objecting to it.  
Anyway- enough of my rant.  The video.  I think at the very least it will prove that he has not left his racism in the past!:
Your responses welcome.

 I am bewildered ,, why do you regard yourself as an ‘ex Jew’… You dropped the torah or  left your local synagogue but  you certainly continue to form synagogues and concerned yourself with  ideological and intellectual uniformity…..  

Let me tell you h…

I am not an anti Zionist, I have never been one. I am anti Jewish ideology (Jewishness. J power etc’ ) .. Zionism is just one symptom of Jewish ideology. The kind of  intolerance you present here is , sadly enough,  Zionist by nature. 

I believe that Paul , Henry , Dan and myself are happy to encounter any form of thought and idea… 

we are also happy to talk to Zionists and Israeli war criminals in our attempt to dig into the Jewish spirit and ideology…

No one asked you to affiliate with Duke. In fact, I am not affiliated with Duke (actually because I don’t agree with him or with his politics on too many issues ) ,, Paul is not affiliated with Duke…but we believe in elementary freedom and you don’t .

I mentioned to you that David Duke wrote the best book on Jewish supremacy,..  … maybe because he is himself a supremacist…I don’t really  care,  I am an intellectual not an  activist like yourself..I am interested in the quality of the argument rather than with its origin… 

I wrote at book on Jewish identity politics because I read Duke and Ekhart and Luther amongst many others…… I am not afraid of racist and supremacist texts…but I am allergic to intolerance and ‘tikkun olam’ messengers 

By the way, I also read Mein Kampf and learned a lot. I also read the anti semite Wagner and the Zionists Jabotinski and Koestler and was very impressed..

What books can you offer to our reading club? Did you read any text that throws light on Jewish cultural morbidity? Anything you can recommend? Probably not because you still follow the kosher book  list … 

Let me be clear about it. Even if David Duke was still the head of the KKK and I had something to learn from him, I would… this is my role in society … I transform knowledge into meaning

It took me many years to grasp that to become a proper goy is to love your neighbour for real, even if you hate what your neighbour stands for..

It ain’t easy at all,,, but it makes life into an interesting journey..

I hope that you grasp it all sooner or later…

all the best 


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