Gen. Shirreff:International troops to remain in Bosnia as long as necessary


General Richard Shirreff, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe and operation commander of the EU military mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said in Sarajevo on Tuesday that the international community would maintain its military presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina as long as necessary and the necessary political stability of the country was established.
The international missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina will end only after a political solution is achieved that will be acceptable to all the parties and will not threaten the stability of the country and the region, Gen. Shirreff said.
Gen. Shirreff has arrived in Sarajevo for a farewell visit at the end of his term, accompanied by his successor, Gen. Adrian Bradshaw.
EUFOR currently has less than 1,000 troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the command of Austrian General Dieter Heidecker. According to Gen. Shirreff, these troops will remain in the country, along with NATO and the EU Special Representative, to help Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration.
Commenting on ongoing protests that broke out two weeks ago, Gen. Shirreff said that they should be a clear signal to domestic politicians to listen to the voice of the people more closely. He said he was disappointed by the absence of any progress and that the protests were yet another proof of how bad the situation in the country was.

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