No electricity, No fuel, No tunnels, No money , No fishing near Rafah , No medication for the ill . Also, No solidarity movement , No boats , No convoys , No humanitarian help . This is the situation in Gaza and you can add to it daily attacks and assaults on behalf of Israelis . It is not just the Israelis who are besieging Gaza, but also the Egyptians and the Palestinian Authority are doing the same .
And, as if this was not enough , you have the NGO called TAMAROD that is a par to the Egyptian TAMAROD who wants to overthrow HAMAS and take the rule and it is coordinating with Egyptians and the Palestinian Authority and maybe with Zionists -who knows?- in order to end the rule of HAMAS in GAZA.
Great challenges Gaza is facing these days and the leadership of HAMAS is not in its best shape . Its credibility has suffered after it has sided with sectarians at the detriment of the cause and now while Arafat’s image has been revived as a Martyr of the cause, poisoned by the enemy , HAMAS needs to save what remains of its reputation without much success .
Regarding the national cause that it claims to carry , HAMAS has lost a big part of its credibility and has become vulnerable to dubious NGO movements like TAMAROD who are monitored by the outside and financed by the US administration. HAMAS has little to show for and is being undermined by the Palestinian Authority and threatened by Israel and Egypt and has lost the unconditional support of its allies : Iran, Syria and Hizbullah .
The only way out of this mess is to have the military faction of HAMAS take the initiative , act as a leader , impose its will , resume the armed struggle and correct the deviation done by Mish’al and Haniyya and others and bring Haniyya and Mish’al and whoever compromised to justice .If HAMAS does not do this it will not be able to face TAMAROD and other fake NGOs who are threatening Gaza . If this is not done , there is no future for HAMAS , it will end the same way the Palestinian Authority ended ie: in the arms of the Israelis.

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