Gaza: Nazi Artillery Shelling Wounds Two Palestinians

Artillery shelling (archive image)

Two Palestinians were wounded on Wednesday when Nazi forces fired artillery shells from tanks stationed at the border of the Gaza Strip. The two were wounded in an area east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Correspondents with the Wafa news agency reported that the Nazi occupation tanks, stationed at the separation fence east of the city, fired several shells at a site and the surrounding agricultural land, wounding two civilians.

The two injured were taken to Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.

In addition to the artillery shelling, Nazi warplanes circled the airspace of the Gaza Strip, while reconnaissance planes continued buzzing the airspace since the previous evening.

Nazi soldiers weld doors to Palestinian home shut while children are inside.

Nazi JEWISH settlers share song celebrating violence in Huwwara on WhatsApp groups.

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