Gaza Attack: Team People Winning Battle for Humanity



Humanity is Rejecting Mass Murder as a Tool for National Ambition while Social Networking and Alternative Media Continue to Lead in Exposing War Crimes

by Johnny Punish

Today, War Criminal and Extremist Murderer of Children, the self-appointed Warden at his Gaza Maximum Security Prison, Israeli Prime Sinister Benjamin Netanyahu invaded and occupied the US Sunday morning talk show circuit.  He gave us his best propaganda posing as truth to re-sell his case to the older generation Americans that still watch these antiquated corporatocrazy platforms.  As usual, it was another weekly attempt to circle jerk over the American public.

Warden Bibi was his usual self blaming everyone but his murderous gang of ambitious serial killers for the horrific mass murder at his Gaza facility.

What is beating up the snaring serial killer is the alternative media and social networks around the world who are not lobbied by AIPAC and their gang of thugs.  The miscalculating and arrogant Warden of the largest prison in the world still does NOT understand that power has shifted from the elite propagandists to us; we the global people.


As Turkey makes its move to file charges against him and his fellow murderers for war crimes against humanity and the U.N. positions itself to finally take action against his above the law gang members, Bibi may become the first political casualty of our new connected age.  I mean his 20th century dogma is crashing into our new 21st century connected world that simply does NOT stand with murder of children no matter what the reason; plain and simple.  Are you listening Bibi?  And you too Hammas, are you listening?  Pay attention because Team People around the world are on the case!  There is NO WHERE to hide now so sit up straight in your chair!

Now, if Warden Bibi chose to invest our U.S. Taxpayer bailout monies into the political process by demonstrating why a more moderate political party should be elected in Gaza, well then it would have a much better use of resources and certainly in line with our new 21st century.  In fact, I am very sure the world would have been completely behind him including the majority of Palestinians.  I mean, the battle for a better idea is never fought with guns but with hearts and minds.  And in this most important human battle, the 20th century fool named Bibi the Failure has failed all of us miserably.

Protests in Ireland yesterday.  One of the many around the world in support of TEAM PEOPLE

Protests in Ireland yesterday. One of the many around the world in support of TEAM PEOPLE

I mean today, the self appointed Mayor of the Warsaw Ghetto Gaza Campus Bibi Netanhayu Himler is angered by the showing of his victims, the murdered dead blood drenched human beings, on the social networks and alternative media. But he cannot control it and it is pissing him off with the anger only a psychopath in need of incarceration at a best mental hospital can demonstrate  I mean the connected world is absolutely taking away from his demonic failure strategy.  He is losing his argument as he should. I mean shame on him for trying to discount human beings so callously in our age of real time video, images, and first person witnesses.  In short, he is dead wrong and frankly driving the good people of Israel off the human cliff.  Shame on him!

In contrast, there is a an awakening happening in the USA.  It is slowly appearing that the USA is inching back toward the overwhelming majority of the world in recognizing the human tragedy that is the Occupation.

I mean ten years ago, the American public was blind to the plight of the native indigenous peoples in Israel, Palestine and Gaza.  But now the realization that U.S. taxpayer monies are directly murdering thousands of real human beings and is responsible for the abject failure of millions of people is burning our psyche. We know it is fundamentally wrong; wrong for the USA, wrong for Israel and wrong for mankind.

Admittedly, the U.S. right wing is still holding on to Islamophobia and using it to justify the murder of Christians and Muslim natives in Gaza.   I mean the politicos must sell it to insure their war profits for their backers.  It’s a cluster fu#@ full stop.  But really, come on!  We all see the pictures and videos!  How insulting!  We see it with our eyes and we all know it is wrong.  Even right wingers know it’s wrong but they still sit there with a straight face and keep selling poison as an elixir for the defense of poor victim Israel who is killing by the thousands  They are dead wrong!



The real defense of Israel and security comes from respect for the natives. not fear mongering and turning natives into terrorists but empowering for the new century.  This is only way forward.  I mean the Israeli tragedy is that the whole dam right wing in Israel is anti-Israel.  They want revenge, hate, murder blah blah… But they are no better than another other extremist in the world; vocal yes and very extreme and an abject failed ideology for humanity.

The real bad news for extremists is that the majority of us in the world are moderate not extreme.  We are the quiet majority. But now not so quiet.  Have you seen the protests on social media, in the major cities?  The chorus is growing fast.  Protests are growing as more murder victims turn up on the Gaza City streets.  The global majority is rising!

Former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Meets with Palestinian Chidren

Former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton Meets with Palestinian Chidren


What I did find interesting today was former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. She just appeared on Fareed Zakaria GPS show on CNN revealing what a pain the ass her long time acquaintance Bibi Netanyahu is.  In the candid conversation she revealed that she was always yelling at him for illegal settlements and violations of native indigenous peoples rights.

Based on her candid comments, she is clearly in favor of dignity for Palestinians and feels that ending Occupation is in the best interest of not only the USA but for Israel.  Let us remember that Hillary was the first US politician to call for a Palestinian state; this in the face of massive lobby pressure from AIPAC.

Frankly, I am impressed by her candid comments to Fareed on Israel, Bibi, Abbas, Putin and more.  This is not normal for a U.S. Politician especially one running for office.  I mean, she must know that Extremist Bibi has made the call to his political hit squad at AIPAC to bury Hilary. She must know something we don’t.  Maybe she has some sort of video tape of Bibi screwing a dancing Israeli on 9/11 screaming a bloody orgasm.  She must have some defense against his coming attack.

Anyways so while US Presidents have always been impotent when it comes to Zionist extremist pressure; specifically in controlling the US congress vis-a-vie the corporate corruption of the once great US political system, she may be the best choice for US President from the one party two faction system. (FYI, I support massive political reform in USA and advocate for a NO party system, just vote direct for the person based on merit of character and vision for the country)

I mean, Hillary may be able to fight hard enough to protect US interests by standing for the dignity of the natives in the face of uber right wing extremist maniacs that want Eretz Israel at all costs.  And she may be able to put a final end to human tragedy that is the Occupation of 6 million plus indigenous peoples along with stepping on the feet of the advancing Lords of War that care only for profits and not the welfare of people including but not limited to Jews, Christians and Muslims.   I mean…maybe!  She is highly skilled and well versed in the dance so…..

But really, US politics is so corrupt that it may NOT be possible to fix it from within.  But who knows?  Maybe she is TEAM PEOPLES best chance to bring an end to Occupation under this current broken system.   If she can pull it off, which is highly unlikely, she can put the USA on track to be world leader indeed and not just via bombs and bullyism.  But knowing past failure and Zionist extreme pressure, I would NOT place my Vegas bet on it because the forces against success are so dam strong.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Oh!  Also former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright appeared on CBS Face The Nation today saying that  everyone in US leaderships knows the solution and it is a 2 state solution “but the political will is not there” she says alluding to the Israeli right wing in power that continues to usurp U.S. support for a long term resolution.

When asked about the Israeli war crimes, Madame Albright highlighted the film “Gatekeepers” that interviewed Israeli Mossad intelligence leaders and their admission that the war crimes and violence they committed had be fundamentally wrong and have hurt Israel.

And so yes, she is worried about Israel’s future and its image worldwide because today their war crime actions reveal that their dream for Eretz Israel is fundamentally flawed.  It cannot stand on its own idea without massive genocide to buttress its exclusionary bizarre Euro Herzl Aryan dream confirming that their 21st century future will NOT be Eretz Israel but a shared future for all human beings.  There is the only way forward….sorry extremists reading this but there will be NO extremist states allowed in our future….its a dying 20th century breed.
YouTube – Veterans Today –


One note on Hammas;  For readers, make no mistake that in condemning murder by Zionists is by no means an endorsement for murder by Hammas or anybody else.  The real truth for all of us is that extremism is the enemy and if, after this attack on Gaza is over, Hammas chooses to commit the same war crimes on Israelis, they will ignorantly fail we the people.  So its get on with Team People or you’re done too.  We have jails for maniacs of all colors, creeds, and shapes.

No my friends, this is new world now and murder is NOT an acceptable strategy anymore because we are watching everyone! Screw the NSA! We are the real spies and invaders of government secrecy and privacy.  They want to spy on us?  Really now!  Screw them!  It is our right to spy on them and hold their feet to our fire of freedom, liberty, and justice for all mankind; everyone; we ja people!

So for now,  I encourage all TEAM PEOPLE advocates to get on sites that promote murder of the natives and Israeli citizens.  We need to expose all extremists using intelligent discourse.

In closing, Team People is where it’s at so Free Palestine and Free Israel from the bondage that is Occupation. The future is unwritten so let’s work for all people.


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