Gaza and Muslim Immigration to Europe


We are trying our best to figure out – why is Jewry so keen to import as many Muslims to Europe and USA as possible, and at the same time prepare the Gaza genocide? Do they do it out of sheer idealism? Out of compassion (hard to believe)? Or out of silliness? Could it be that this calculating people didn’t take into account that Muslims might react to genocide against Palestinians? Granted, Europeans and Americans did their fair share of protesting, but Jews knew they could shut down the Goyim any time they wanted simply by uttering the magic Jewish spell “Holocaust – Auschwitz”.

Yet Jews understand better than anyone that their “fellow Semites” from the Middle East have not accepted the yoke of Holocaust Guilt. Jews are more aware than anyone that Muslims still chafe over the fact that their Palestinian brothers have been kept in an “open air concentration camp” for the last 50 years. So how can we explain the apparent tactical error when the ADL and other Jewish organizations twisted the arms of European and American leaders to accept hordes of fighting age Muslims just before an Israeli incursion into Gaza? Surely no! They do not make such mistakes!

When on Friday in Dublin a Muslim émigré from Algeria stabbed an Irish family and incited an anti-Muslim pogrom, we finally got the missing piece of this puzzle. I was waiting for “the rest of the story”, and it was unveiled at a crucial point in the drama – just as Dublin demonstrated en masse against the brutal murder of Gaza children, just when the Irish parliament threatened to expel the Israel ambassador, just as reports of anti-Semitism reached new highs. Just then it seemed that the Jews were beset from all sides, and that the whole world was against them. Of course, in every good story the darkest tidings come just before the dawn.

Jews are professional victims. They are good at it. They are willing to play the bad guy, but only in stories where Jewry is eventually vindicated and expendable Jews martyred. Jewish leaders believe that revenge is best served cold. This answers the question of why they brought Muslim refugees to Europe and America in the first place. Unneeded, unwanted, unrequested (so much for democracy), at a time of growing poverty and debt, the economies bankrupt and populations largely jobless, this is the precise moment that the Jews ostentatiously dumped armies of Muslims into the West.

“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” — Barbara Lerner Spectre, a founding director of Paideia, The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden.

Of course the fury of the hapless natives will be focused upon the Muslim immigrants. Of course the hapless Muslims will resent this. This conflict is not only natural, it is eminently predictable. And of course, wherever reality falls short of the predetermined narrative, the media can be counted on to fill in the gaps.

It’s not difficult to find a Muslim refugee of disturbed mind, to hand him a knife and push him out the door to amok attack. If he didn’t exist, then the Jews would have to create him. Muslim Golems do it with panache.

A Palestinian man, Sirhan Sirhan is doing life in a US jail for the alleged assassination of Robert Kennedy (a brother of JFK), even though RFK’s son, Robert Kennedy Jr, is convinced of his innocence. Most people understand that Sirhan was framed by an international cabal of skilled dealers in narratives. Practically no one in the world believes that Sirhan committed the murder, and yet our wiki-histories still maintain the fiction as though no “conspiracy theory” could stand in the face of an official report. For 55 years, they have held the facts in a kind of fog, admitted and yet plausibly denied. Compared with such imperial stratagems, the stabbing in Dublin is amateur night.

In the same time frame as the Dublin riots, in Netherlands, a Dutch neo-Nazi, Muslim-hater and a big lover of Israel won the elections. This was the culmination of a long-term project of international Jewry. Hand in hand with all the leaders of America and Europe, Israel had carefully played up all the historical ties between the Nazis of Europe and the US. The Internet had been buzzing with neo-Nazi activity. Threats against Jews reached all-time highs. Laws forbidding boycotts were passed. Days Of Remembrance were proclaimed. Standing ovations for Israeli leaders became normalized and then expected. The dramatic tension became unbearable as the leadership demonstrated loyalty to Israel and the people grumbled about Jewish privilege. In the midst of all this anxiety and hostility, the Jewish diaspora coordinated a wave of Muslim immigration with the Israeli war machine, creating a wave of perfectly justified anger at the Gaza genocide.

The anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim reaction was timed to bloom with the Israeli invasion of Gaza, not only in Europe and the US, but also in Russia. You probably have heard about the Jewish pogrom in Dagestan, the only pogrom in human history that occurred without a single Jew. Naturally not a single Jew was harmed, but there was a lot of the usual media noise. Jews and their friends placed hundreds of pictures allegedly depicting the brutal anti-Semites of Dagestan hunting Jews on a commercial flight. Clearly the Dagestanis were little more than pawns in a media trap, drawn to the plane by foreign reports and then ambushed by camera-wielding reporters.

It’s good to keep in mind that Jews are afraid neither of nationalists nor of Nazis. The closer the Nazi is to the top, the more he openly shows his love for Israel. Nationalists Donald Trump and Georgia Meloni adore Israel. White racists either defend Israel or they share racial theory with Jewry. Christian Zionists have integrated worship of the state into their religion. If Jews appear to battle the racists and nationalists, it’s only to keep them fresh in the news. First we must pull back the spring, so that when we release it the firing pin will send the bullet on its way. If the bullet does the damage, the Jew is blameless. Russian Jews did not hesitate to support Navalny the nationalist when his Russian Marches shook Moscow.

Jews as a rule are extreme nationalists, the rabbis struggling to keep the people divided from the Goyim and pristine in their ghettos. Hitlerites tolerated Jewish Nazis, and allowed them to have their own flag and anthem. Hungarian Zionists like Rudolf Kasztner collaborated with the Nazis to transport only the “best” Jews to Palestine.

For a long time Jews practice dialectics as the war strategy. In 19 c. they led the labour movement and the capitalist enrichment. G K Chesterton depicted a Jewish revolutionist being in cahoots with a Jewish capitalist. Now a Jewish supporter of Muslim immigration is in cahoots with Zionist who expels Muslims from their ancestral lands and with a Nazi who rabble-rousing crowds against the Muslims.

So here at last is the purpose behind the supposed tactical errors of our busy little friends. Wheels within wheels. As an oil well fire is blown out with TNT, they primed their neo-Nazi brigades and then delivered them a host of unwanted Muslims. As the authorities struggle to extinguish the fire, the people will begin to notice that the case of Gaza is just like the case of Dublin and Amsterdam. At that moment, the moral high ground will be snuffed out and the people will be left in that fog of war with which we are so familiar. The indignation of people will die out, Palestine will be mechanically cleansed of its native folk, and the Gaza beachfront properties may be openly claimed by racially pure, nationalist Jews. Even most progressive Jews like Benny Morris regretted that not all Palestinians were expelled in 1948.

Written with assistance of Mr Paul Bennett

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