Press Statement
A senior Metropolitan police counter-terrorism officer has been involved in a campaign of disinformation and ‘dirty tricks’ against George Galloway, which involved an agent in the MP’s constituency office and also setting up a series of fake email addresses in an attempt to smear him.
Galloway, the MP for Bradford West, will tomorrow ask the Home Secretary whether the operation against him and the Bradford Respect party branch by the officer (‘K’) in the Met’s counter-terrorism unit SO15 was sanctioned by his superiors, or whether it was a freelance campaign using police resources. He will also bring it to the attention to the Speaker of the House of Commons.
‘A very senior officer in SO15 has been feeding disinformation aimed at damaging me to a national newspaper and to others, aided by a member of staff in Bradford who has now been suspended,’ Galloway said. ‘This involved him using the Met email as well as creating at least two false email addresses to spread the deceit. I have incontrovertible evidence. He either did this a freelance or it was sanctioned by his superiors. I will be asking the Home Secretary tomorrow (Monday 15 October) to act on this and also bringing it to the attention of the Speaker of the House of Commons.’
Among the ‘allegations’ made by Officer K through the Met police email was that he had evidence that there was voter fraud in the Bradford by-election – which Galloway won with a majority of more than 10,000.
The officer also slept in George’s house in Streatham, London, along with the female agent on Galloway’s staff, Ms A, when the MP was away, and he had to confess this when investigation of a break-in to the home would have discovered his fingerprints and DNA.
Ms A has now been suspended.
George Galloway’s house in Streatham was broken into in June in broad daylight (and not for the first time). His aide Ms A was in the house and allegedly saw the profiles of the two thieves. A parliamentary laptop was stolen.
Ms A then said that she had a ‘friend’ in the Met who could advise on security. She invited him round that day, which was the first time George met Mr K of the elite counter-terrorism branch SO15. Within 48 hours it transpired that this was not the first time the SO15 man had been in the house. He had to tell the officers investigating the break-in that his fingerprints would be found in the house as he had been sleeping there with Ms A while George was away. This is surely in breach of the police behavioural code. George pointed this out informally to the investigating officers but heard no more about this or, indeed, the result of their burglary investigation.
Although this was clearly gross misconduct and a dismissible offence George decided to give Ms A another chance.
It is now clear that Ms A was not just personally involved with the officer but that she was his agent inside the Bradford branch of Respect, passing on gossip and lies damaging to George and Respect to the case officer.
From evidence we hold it is clear that the two then decided not only to funnel disinformation to a national newspaper but to create it. Using his official email address at the Met Mr K claimed that he had evidence that there was voter fraud in George’s successful by-election victory (which George won by more than 10,000 votes). He also sent several further lengthy emails from this address to his accomplice, Ms A.
The SO15 officer also set up at least two other email addresses to send out his disinformation – nosoup, junaidakram900 and nabeel.raja38.
We are of course aware of the identity of SO15′s Mr K but have decided not to publish it on security grounds. We also have photographs of him and Ms A, both separately and together.
  1. On a thread some months back, I expressed the view that the state might be messing with the left through infiltrators etc. I particularly put it forward as a possible explanation for the strangely pro-imperialist line of much of the left, but also thought that it might have a broader application. My opinion was widely rejected, most cogently by people thinking the left to be simply too weak and pathetic to merit much state attention. However, Galloway may be high-profile and successful enough to make an appealing target, even if the average left micro-group in Britain does not. I will be following these developments with interest.
    Posted by Mark Victorystooge 14 October, 2012 at 7:41 pm  Quote selected text  Reply
  2. Very intriguing. Pity Mr Galloway ignored the advice of loads of people in Bradford and employed the lady in the first place in preference to others.
  3. NA: Very intriguing. Pity Mr Galloway ignored the advice of loads of people in Bradford and employed the lady in the first place in preference to others.

    This assumes that all other possible candidates were pure as the driven snow. They might not have been, whether or not Galloway made an unwise personnel choice in this particular case.

    Posted by Mark Victorystooge 14 October, 2012 at 7:52 pm  Quote selected text  Reply
  4. This story has so many implications and the Met have either way left themselves open to a major civil action from George. This, if true is massive.
    Posted by Lieutenant colonel cupcake 14 October, 2012 at 7:58 pm  Quote selected text  Reply
  5. There are questions about why she got the job in the first place but the far bigger question is about who knew what.
    Political policing has been a major issue since the Mark Stone case proved what a lot of us already expected, that the police are not neccesarily the politically impartial body that they profess to be.
    Galloway quite rightfully will make a major issue of this and must be demanding an enquiry.
  6. If the Met are doing it, it is very likely that so are MI5, but all the recent cases where the state’s role comes to the surface involve the police. Probably MI5 simply covers its tracks better.
    Posted by Mark Victorystooge 14 October, 2012 at 8:11 pm  Quote selected text  Reply
  7. 1: “the state might be messing with the left through infiltrators etc.”
    If there are political groups within the country seeking to use non-parliamentary means to win power (Galloway obviously doesn’t qualify) then it is the duty of the state to intervene.
    During last year’s riots, when, in places, 999 services were unable to respond to emergencies, one of the more childish ‘revolutionary’ groups advised the nation to drive the police from the streets – this sort of idiocy is bound to attract scrutiny from the state, and rightly so.
    However, it is possible that such outbursts are intended to discredit the left – after all, if the state wanted to render the left irrelevant and useless you’d have to admit, they achieved their objective long ago.


    No doubt part of the theater that GG has arranged to make a lot of noise over something of which is most likely only partially true and the rest is a load of bull. GG has not stated with any reliable statement of proof that ‘Danger’ (nickname of Ms A) accused is one hundred percent guilty of what he accuses her of (no doubt guilt by association of certain circumstances and no more than that but heh we will find out). She will no doubt be dismissed and hopefully will have the sense to screw GG ass in court if he does not have the proof. We will see whether he does or not. Funny to notice not one major newspaper has taken up this issue. Maybe they are aware of GG tactics in the past of noise bashing when things are a little quiet (or falling apart like the dreadful attendance of the Drones Protest of which was arranged in my opinion to drown the loose cannon comments of GG on Rape issue (actually more than opinion heh Bradford Respect?). Oh another thing, if GG was aware of his personal assistant having a relationship with a Gov Operative when his house had been burgled (months before) then why on earth did he forgive her and not realise the possibility of a leak there and then and sack her on the spot. Umm looks like GG plays a dangerous game or was keeping this person on a limb with every intention of destroying her later. Something to think about and maybe assumed friends of GG should be aware of (when will it be your turn?). I know this that ‘Danger’ was very loyal to GG and jumped down my throat if I spoke out of turn about him. There may be a little truth in what GG says but 2 plus 2 does not make 10. Also while I was in the Respect Office (Bradford) I heard many nasty comments stated about ‘Danger’; some even tried to recruit me to their side with their dislike of her (I personally did not like some of her viewpoints but also of others as well and I am sure she and others did not like my views and comments at times (that is life)) but she was targeted by a lot in the office. My comments to this was that we all have opinions and personality differences and to leave it at that. Danger was aware of the personal dislike of her by a lot of the in crowd in the Respect Party Office Bradford (another reason why everyone is happy at the office because they now have their blood). We all have to look at how this turns out and see if everything in detail that GG has stated does come with proof or if GG has got carried away with truth and fiction and theory mixed for his own gain. We will see! To be truthful my opinion is that ‘Danger’ will be dismissed and the real truth will never be mentioned as the goal for GG will be attained (rather poorly though) and the Bradford Respect Party will slowly die a quiet and an unassuming death without many giving it a past thought in the next few years. Salma has already left the sinking ship. Who next has such sense ummmmmm I wonder who?????

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