The YouTube video of Gaddafi being captured on 20 October.

The Gaddafi video seems to have been made BEFORE Gaddafi was allegedly captured.

Source: Green Resistance Libyan Free Press 

How photoshopping works. 

In the Gaddafi video, note the jerky camera and the bad focus.

The CIA was criticised for having no video footage of the fake shooting of Bin Laden.

So now they have video of the fake death of Gaddafi – jerky to make it seem authentic (too jerky) and bad focus to stop us seeing any Hollywood effects (very bad focus).

The BBC told us this was Libyans celebrating; in fact it was Indians in India.

One theory is that Gaddafi, as an alleged 33 degree freemason and former asset of the CIA, has been allowed to retire to obscurity in some country such as Italy, France, Morocco or Algeria.

‘Gaddafi’ (left) and the ‘Gaddafi’ in the video showing the alleged capture of Gaddafi (right)

‘ Gaddafi’

Gaddafi’s Double, appearing in the video of ‘Gaddafi’s capture.


Reportedly, Gaddafi is still alive and the Green Resistance continues.

It would seem that the CIA and its friends have produced yet another piece of fake news when they tell us that Gaddafi has been killed.

Green Resistance sites deny that Gaddafi has been captured or killed. 


Original Picture of unknown man at the so called Bin Laden compound

FAKE photoshopped picture of ‘dead Gaddafi’. Note the green patch.

There has been a disinformation campaign from the media to spread the lie that Gaddafi is dead.

Libye – Seul le porte parole Moussa Ibrahim est au courant de l’état de Kadhafi (20 octobre 2011)

The media outlets which have told the truth have been subjected to attack.


  1. I am amazed at how many trusted blogs are falling for the dead line. Sometimes I wonder if it is just my reluctance to give up on this great leader that keeps me unable to admit his passing.

    However I post and post and post of his being alive from every source I can find… almost all Libyan might I add.

    Unwanting to add to the trauma by posting photo after gruesome photo, I post once of photo shops but keep up with positive images of the man because we need to counteract the death message.

    And there is SO MUCH altering of photos of his 12 or more doubles, poor fellows.

    Thanks for another excellent pile of evidence.

  2. some pictures have bullet in his belly, some dont. the video clearly shows no shot to the stomach. but main news said he was shot and bleeding from stmch.

    some pictures has knife line on the neck, some has been removed.

    some photos he is alive on the floor being kicked with no cloth on and then how he is dead and bleeding with cloth on. so it means they took his cloth off kicked him, killed him and then put the same cloth back!!!

    iam sure they will through the body in sea to get rid of any evidence that can appear later.

    this is so fabricated lots of versions has been released so if obe or two falls still some stay valid.

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