From Dr. Gabi Weber to Tony Greenstein (1)


On 27 Jul 2011, at 19:23,

Dr. Gabi Weber wrote:*

Dear Mr. Greenstein

my name is Dr. Gabi Weber. I am the head of Cafe Palestine Freiburg and the main organizer of Freiburg Conference on September 11th.

Today I found out that the dirty war you are fighting in vain against Gilad Atzmon for years now, is spilling over to Germany.

One day after the conference was announced, your bad games started again. You try to bother my speakers and you even do not hesitate to spread your lies to our young Palestinian musician, Moamen Khatib. Probably you didn´t realise that you didn´t only send the text adressed to Moamen but also the correspondence you had concerning Moamen being “young and gullible”. It is really disgusting!

I know that it is not the first time that you try to jeopardize an event with Gilad Atzmon – whether it is supposed to happen in Germany, Switzerland or other countries. To reach your obvious “aim in life” you don´t hesitate to lie, to commit forgery, to take “quotes” out of their context and put them together in a wrong order and so on. I am also in posession of interesting documents that testify Mr. Greenstein´s criminal past.

Recently I learned that xxx tried to stop singer and musician Amal Murkus and the Palestinian delegation in London who organised the Palestinian event “From Al Tahrir to Jerusalem”. She tried to do a “counter-event” under the similar name as the “Al Tahrir”- event.

Having a lot of information about your sick “movement” I could respond to each of the false sentences xxx is writing to Moamen.

But I prefer to let you know that from now on, I will record and spread every single attempt from your side to destroy the conference.

Perhaps you didn´t realise by now. I am distributing all kinds of news about Palestine to thousands of adresses I have in my internet list. My newsletters are spread by others and this not only in Germany. What you should also know is, that I have hundreds of politicians and press adresses in my list. This means that – if I start to publish what is happening around the conference – many people and organisations will finally understand how the so-called “Palestinian solidarity movement” works. And I must admit that I detest the way of action that you dare to call “solidarity for Palestinians”.

I copied all my conference participants as well as other important people as addressee into this email. And I am asking each of them to inform me about any attempt to put pressure on them and to prevent them from joining the conference.

Below you find the email from Mrs. X to Moamen, the correspondence foregoing this mail and also Tony Greenstein´s mail to Ken O´Keefe.

The conference wants to disclose the elements that destroy open discourse. You couldn´t have done better to show everybody how necessary this conference is!

Dr. Gabi Weber

*” People like you, Mr Greenstein, should be put in preventive custady”. Dr Gaby Weber 29/7/2011 Email to Mr Greenstein.

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