French Catholic Church enquiry uncovers thousands of pedophiles since 1950

Some 3,000 Paedophiles In French Catholic Church Since 1950: Probe Panel  Head

The commission found between 2900 and 3200 pedophile church members since 1950 — and that’s a “minimum estimate”

By Jim W. Dean,

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Report due Tuesday to detail ‘institutional and cultural’ mechanisms that allowed offenders to stay in place, enquiry’s head says.

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: We have all been here before, where a long running scandal reaches the point where the uber criminals want to tie it off with making a partial admission, similar as to how burning was once use to ‘seal’ a wound, with the cauterizing effect thrown in for free.

A long running depredation like this could not have possibly happened without a nation’s Intel, police and political structure being aware, as VT sources tell us this has been the situation among various groups in almost every country of the world, and always has been.

The key to pulling this current move off is setting up the so called ‘independent commission’ with the right people who will follow instructions to make their disclosures go just so far. VT hopes this is a ‘good start’ that will make it easier to look further into other closets.

And notice what is so obviously missing. There is no mention of the pedophile problem among the royalty or political classes. Imagine that.

Fortunately we have Jane, VT’s French correspondent there, so we can have her check the French and EU press to see if the investigation will widen, or if this is it.

We will know they are getting serious about the child abuse when all the aiders and abettors, including the cover up people, are charged at the same level.

In the US, if a woman has a live in boyfriend who has been nailing her young daughter in return for helping to support her financially, and if the mother does not report the abuse she faces a Class A felony, and is charged at the same level as her boyfriend. Welcome to the real world… Jim W. Dean ]

Head of French church child abuse probe says there may be 10,000 victims

First published … October 03, 2021

An independent enquiry into child abuse in the looks set to shake France as its head said the commission’s research uncovered thousands of pedophiles.

The commission found between 2,900 and 3,200 pedophile church members since 1950 — and that’s a “minimum estimate,” Jean-Marc Sauvé, the head of the enquiry, told AFP ahead of the publication of the findings Tuesday.

Earlier this year, he estimated there could be “at least 10,000” victims. The Bishops’ Conference of France decided to launch the commission in 2018, following repeated scandals.

The 2,500-page report is the result of interviews with witnesses and the research of church, court and police archives. It will offer estimates of the number of offenders and victims and detail “institutional and cultural” mechanisms that allowed offenders to stay in place, Sauvé said.

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