[ed notes; i ,2 have some critiques of Finkelstein,but thats a whole other topic,wich im too tired now to get into,however..this scenario he asks us to imagine,if it can be materialized,or even organized?then promoted?would make the zionist state implode!!!!Anyone not on board with this amazing idea,in my opinion is a traitor to the most noble cause in world today,the FULL AND FINAL LIBERATION OF OCCUPIED PALESTINE!(it should also be a determinant factor at least for me,to weed out those who truly seek concrete ideas like this, wich can cause a turn around from current status cuo, to stop me in process.
whereever i go i raise awareness,i feel for anyone who tries


(those who are faithful in seeking to acomplish a final and FREE PALESTINIAN outcome as soon as possible),and those who hijack,usurp,and promote themselves at expense of the Palestinian cause(some Palestinians included here in latter,ali abumminah for example,who sucks the zio-gulf breasts in their sectarian agendas attempting to attack countries wich have stood by Palestinians since day one,while abumminha promotes the gcc countries wich sell out Palestine ,and have not ever given one weapons towards its liberation.)Finkelsteins idea,a must implementable concept,starting NOW!!!“Imagine this scenario:It’s July 2014, ten years after the International Court of Justice advisory opinion declared that The Wall is illegal and must be dismantled. One million Palestinians march on the Wall. They hold in one hand a copy of the International Court of Justice opinion, and in the other hand they carry a hammer or pick.They make their intentions very clear to the World: “All we are doing, is what the International Court of Justice said was supposed to be done. We are dismantling the Wall.”

Zionists cant shoot 1 million Palestinians marching to wall


[ed notes;i also believe Palestinians should start to get,seek legal counsel,especially outside of Israhelli occupational jurisdiction,possibly,europe,and find out wether those affected by wall can bring lawsuits against world bank wich played a leading role in financing the project wich has separated families,usurped lands,livelihoods,caused unimaginable suffering to affected villages,towns,and cities,annexed by it… 
No to the torture of Palestinian children!

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