Franklin Lamb – On the scene of the Beirut bombing – Two Updates


Another one - at the same place
Another one – at the same place

…well, bomb # five went of exactly 35 minutes ago i.e. 11 a.m. beirut time

… via  Franklin Lamb, Beirut

More people randomly killed so someone can make a political point
More people randomly killed so someone can make a political point

Editors Note: Dear folks, this is a peek into how things sometimes come in. Brother Lamb has the distinction of living in a bomber targeted neighborhood. This is the third one that he has reported on from his bicycle…and smart phone this time.
Note his mentioning that the new bomb went off two blocks from the last one. Obviously some one, and it looks like a professional Intel org, is wanting to tell Hezbollah that “we can demonstrate you can’t protect your own neighborhoods”.
These are very densely popoulated areas as you can see above, with access from 360 degrees from around the city. None of it is designed for security really. All they can do is put a lot of security people on the streets to look for anything suspicious, a hit or miss approach really.
PressTV is reporting that Al-Nusra in Syria has claimed responsibility. But who knows? To blame a convenient scapegoat is an old con. The goal here is to crank up a sectarian conflict in Lebanon into a major shooting war like it once was. The first thing an Intel analyst would look for is “Who benefits from that”? The list is short, and we all know who is on it…the usual suspects… Jim W. Dean ]
…blocks away from the SSSP office and with my bike i was at the scene pretty fast….believe it or not the bomb went off  TWO buildings south from the last one….pn Ahmad Quassir road…four dead and 20 wounded when i dropped by Bahman Hosptal just now for an previous appointment……decided not to go in cuz of the choas..talked with two ambulances drivers and some security guys…..spoke with hez mp mousawi who arrived…says its al qeada did it but who knows?

I just left the scene to return to the office because of all the gunmen firing into the air shouting that there might be a second bomb etc and no need to crowed further the packed area…..ambulances pretty much blocked on the narrow street near Abeer travel office which i think you visited……….that’s about what i know…….the news and details will be pouring in but for sure our street and hood is getting spooked.  With the massive security which has intensified since you left last month.. people no doubt ahd hoped Dahiyeh would return to its normal security………..

I saw plenty of al manar media so we will have more details very shortly………
I expect to return to Damascus shortly and give some lectures at Damascus Univ……..
best to you,
Suicide bombers are much harder to stop
Suicide bombers are much harder to stop
Our friend who lived on the 5th floor, Ali Bachir, is one of so-far four known killed this morning in the apparent suicide operation on the next street over next to Abeer’s Travel agency next to Amro’s restaurant.  I saw Abeer  and she is ok and even asked about you.
You remember Ali I am sure and you spoke with him a few times.  Ali was always a friendly and smiling  kid. He lived above us on the 5th floor and almost as tall as you with his jelled hair.
If fact he would sometimes kid me that he wanted to visit you and Louisa in the USA.  He was  very special young man who also used to play with your little sister Helen.Ali was on his way to classes when at shorty past 11 a.m. this morning the speculated  20 kilo bomb was set off.
The last time I spoke with Ali was last week when i kidded him about why he was growing a beard recently and told him he had better not even think about fighting in Syria.  He mentioned he lost two friends from our neighborhood in Qusar and did even know how to hold a gun and that he was for sure staying in school.
As i rode off and waved and shouted, ‘you are one fine young man Ali!…… and so he was. As often, was the case when we crossed paths he was on the way to football (soccer) practice. He was evidently quite good and at about 6 ft. 7.tall he  must have been rather imposing on the playing field.
People seem unconcerned for delayed fuse car bombs
People seem unconcerned for delayed fuse car bombs
The residents of the building are now gathering and sitting on chairs in the lobby and out front on the sidewalks in mourning.  I will join them shortly also on you children’s behalf and Michaels and Samy’s who both met Ali when they were here.
Hezbollah set up loudspeakers broadcasting solumn chants and music and are looking after the frail and those appearing to be  deeply in shock. Several sheiks are here including Ali Fadlallah who you met……..the son of the great scholar and marja Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.
I am not sure what the Shia custom is but I will put a plant tonight outside their door on the 5th floor with a card from you and the girls and Michael and Samy and Ghada.
It would be considerate if you emailed a short note of condolence to Ali’s family on behalf of you and Louisa  and I will give it to his sister who you also met.Such a lovely young man it breaks one’s heart.  People here are are sickened of all the needless killing. A very sad day.
Not her - just a scarf example
Not her – just a scarf example
Maria Jawhari, a lovely teenager from Hermel works in the dress shop next to our building entrance. I just heard at the wake for Ali a short while ago that Maria was one of the two women killed today. 
I had not known that. I did not know her well but we would say hi and sometimes subject we would sometimes talk about was her seemingly very  large collection of beautiful head scarves which she seemed proud of….
I am as usual clueless on such matter  but it is true that Shia wear really beautiful head scarves even more so than the Sunni it appears and both sects agree that its true..

Shia women also tie their scarves a little differently so ‘those in the know’ can instantly identify a shia or sunni woman and distinguish i guess..i can’t ..both wear such beautiful scarves……..trivia…but sorta interesting.and there is a whole lot of that in religions these days no?………..

Maria was maybe 18 years old…a dream, like most youngsters…she loved her fancy phone and teased me about by $20 basic old one that does nothing all all but ring and you can often make calls depending on ‘the connection’ around ones location…… suits me just fine..

Our street is black with mourners as so many streets no doubt are around this region.

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