France says ‘not realistic’ for Assad to stay in power


The French Foreign Ministry addressed the recent remarks by the U.S. envoy to Syria about the future of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.
The U.S. envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, said that the U.S.’ goal is to no longer oust Assad, but to force him to make a political change that will deter him from acting in a similar way in the future.

In response to Jeffrey’s remarks, the French Foreign Ministry said that they will continue their war against Daesh, which is their top priority.
However, they are also seeking an “establishment of the constitutional committee must make it possible to revive a credible and inclusive political process leading to the holding of free, impartial elections under UN supervision. All Syrians, including refugees and internally displaced persons, must be able to choose their own leaders in a neutral environment guaranteed by confidence-building measures.
They would conclude their statement by saying “as Jean-Yves Le Drian has said on several occasions, it is not realistic to imagine Bashar al-Assad staying in power in a reconciled Syria.”

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