Four silents wailing to paint in the prisons of the occupation victory for Al-Aqsa

By: Sammi Ibeahem,Sr


They cut off the road from Kafr Qasim to Al-Aqsa for Rabat in days when everyone broke up from Al-Aqsa. Shirin Quddous neither her age nor cancer has been able to meet Al-Aqsa’s call, and her daughter Samiha Quddus. Her niece, Madeleine Issa, is banned from entering Al-Aqsa by an arbitrary order from the occupying police. Medelin deposited her five-year-old nephew Ali Issa with her aunt. Rawah Khudair, a cousin of Medellin, was also present in response to Al-Aqsa’s call, to conceive of what was going on, to stand on a gap that everyone failed to do.

At 10:30 am, the Nazi police raided the young woman Rawah Khudair, taking her out of Al-Aqsa barbaric because she was filming the abuses of a group of students for the temple, which prayed loudly, and deliberately delayed the time imposed by the Nazi police in order to demand the extension. Shortly, the police will return to the rest of the stationed relatives in Medellin and drive them out without hiding their motive. Forbidden for Al-Aqsa, the Medellin charge!

Three hours have passed since this scene, and the anger in the heads of the Nazi police officers is on fire. They were emergency and transitory, they were already proving to them before saying how firm this right is in Al-Aqsa, and how urgent is the force on which aggression is based in its incursions.

The Zionists stormed, and raised the voice on the stationed and found a confident response that did not include fear or submission. Anger blew up in the head of police and attacked the marabouts, beaten and pushed, Aida Sidawi and Hanadi Halawani and Madeleine Issa, while the child Ali Issa left him only his soul mate Khudair to stay with her.

Ali is the youngest officer to pay Al-Aqsa tax.

At 8:30 pm, as Rawah Khadr was waiting in front of the court in Jerusalem to learn about the trial, a police force emerged from the court and also arrested her. She was the fourth witness in this scene.

Four silents in captivity today because they were the vanguard of the Al-Aqsa Defense Front, four silents were the mouthpiece of the right spokesperson, while the tongues of the faction secretaries and leaders, the silence of the States and the owners of the chairs, and stand Almarabat and stationed alone in the field;

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