Sep 11, 2010

Press TV interviews former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof regarding the 911 cover up.

 Former US Senate Mark Dankof

Engineers and architects supporting the “911 Truth Movement” are requesting US attorney general Eric Holder to request a federal grand jury investigation into the alleged cover up of what took place on September 11, 2001 in Manhattan, New York also known as Ground Zero.

After documentaries and scientific research has probed the alleged so-called terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the official story is starting to crumble. Former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof joins Press TV to share his insights on the nature of a potential reinvestigation of the 9/11 events and how he believes that there was Israeli foreknowledge about the incident and explosives in the building explaining the perfect collapse of both buildings.The following is a transcription of the exclusive interview with Press TV.
PressTV: Now for more on that story we are joined by former US Senate candidate Mark Dankof. Thank you very much for joining our broadcast. Now those who question the official take on 9/11 are labeled conspiracy theorists not only by Americans but by many across the globe and including those in Muslim countries. Can this be attributed to the power of US media or that a plan so evil could have been masterminded by none other than those who are blamed?
Dankof: Well, I think to really understand this you have to go back to what happened several generations ago during the Kennedy assassination. In the beginning, of course, the American government produced the so-called “Warren Commission” which indicated that the president was killed by one person firing three shots from a sixth floor window in a Texas school book depository. Lee Harvey Oswald, we were told, acted alone; he was not a part of a conspiracy. However, that all began to unravel through the 1960s as several people including Mark Lane produced some very disquieting information in regards to discrepancies in what had been said by the Parkland hospital doctors in Dallas and what was said by the military physicians who attended the president’s autopsy at the naval hospital in Maryland.

All of those questions began to raise even further questions about the scientific veracity of the official story of what happened to Kennedy, and that of course, was quickly followed by those who became convinced that the truth had not been told, and they began to look for other explanations in regards to who was behind the president’s death. I kind of see that same thing emerging with 9/11 as well. To me, yes there are conspiracy theories that are crazy, there are also conspiracy theories that are legitimate ones and are based upon very solid data that has not been refuted by the official version of things even related in this case to the Kennedy assassination or to 9/11.

I find it particularly interesting that just in the last couple of days, someone sent me something via email here in San Antonio indicating that the President of the American Jewish congress was issuing a statement decrying extremists who believed that the 9/11 version of events provided by the US government is in fact false and that these extremists were in fact acting out of malice and out of unsound mind. That is not a direct quote but is basically the idea that was being conveyed. This is the same sort of thing that we saw in the 1960s and early 70s with the Kennedy assassination. I anticipate that we are going to get more of the same when it comes to 9/11.

Press TV: Soon after 9/11, the question of how the towers could fall the way they did as well as the collapse of building seven were brought up by many. Yet this was ignored… do you think that support of architects and engineers from 9/11 “Truth Movement” with regards to this question gives rise to a much more needed discussion on this?
Dankof: Well, it certainly should. If people go to my website: “Mark Dankof’s America at and go to my links page there, they will see that I have that website linked to the so-called engineers and architects for 9/11 Truth. This is one of the things that I found to be most profoundly disturbing; when I started looking at some of the scientific credentials of some of the people that were a part of this organization… I mean after all we are talking about numbers of people with PhDs. in physics who have provided explanations to us as to why the official story simply could not have happened in the way that the US government said it happened.

I’m satisfied frankly after reading the work of Dr. Steven Jones, the former professor of Brigham Young University and a number of other people connected with this “9/11 Truth Organization,” that in fact these towers were brought down by a controlled explosion. This of course suggests or in effect necessitates those charges had to be planted in those buildings. That raises the question by whom and why? That in conjunction with some very mysterious things which came to light as early as 2002 in French magazine Le Monde underscored to me that “Israeli intelligence” had more than a passing involvement in at least having foreknowledge about what was going to happen on September 11. There are those who believe that Israeli intelligence might have had a more active role in at least directing some of what was going on through potential Mossad moles inside the Al-Qaeda organization.

I don’t have inside information on that but I found it to be significant that in February 2009 the New York Times ran a story that a fellow in Lebanon, Ali al-Jared, had been arrested as an Israeli spy. He had worked apparently for the Israeli Mossad for 25 years. He had posed very successfully as an activist for the Palestinians and Hamas and for Hezbollah only to have it revealed a quarter of a century later that he was in the employ of the Israeli Mossad the whole time. And in that New York Times exposé of February 2009 they admitted that Ali al-Jared had a cousin, a second cousin named Ziad al-Jared, who in fact was one of the 9/11 hijackers.

This does not prove of course that Ziad al-Jared himself had any connection to the Israeli Mossad but I think we can look and establish firmly and factually that there were at least five Israeli Mossad agents who had Muhammad Atta under surveillance for a significant period of time before the 9/11 attacks. They lived just down the street from him in Hollywood, Florida. Then of course this drug administration agency official in the US who released information to the French magazine Le Monde in early 2002 did so because he was absolutely convinced that the American government was fully covering up the event of Israel’s foreknowledge of the attacks, and that basically the Israeli intelligence community allowed this whole thing to transpire at a bare minimum.

Press TV: Let’s get this last question in briefly if I may. The US National Security Strategy essentially calls for a New World Order with US dominance secure in every aspect. Now why aren’t the Americans willing to question why Bin Laden has not been caught yet? And why al-Qaeda, the Taliban, etc are blamed for all the woes of the world?
Dankof: Well, that’s a very compelling question. We might ask the same question in regards to why the American public has never had the full details of the Jonathan Pollard spy case explained to them, or has never had Israel’s direct involvement in attacking the USS Liberty in June of 1967, and killing 34 Americans explained to them.

The average American knows nothing about the “Lavon Affair” where it has been very firmly established factually in 1954 that Pinhas Lavon, the then “Foreign Minister of Israel” directed a black operational “national security” operation in conjunction with Israeli intelligence that was designed and in fact did set off explosives at post offices in Egypt and set off explosives at American libraries in Cairo and in Alexandria with the expressed purpose of blaming Egypt for something which in effect was an Israeli operation in order that the United States might launch a military operation against Egypt for retaliations. This is absolutely factual and your listeners can check this out on the net. It’s called the “Lavon Affair” and it’s absolutely suggestive of what could have taken place all these years later when we get to September 11, 2001.

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