For Expedient Execution of Brexit Embattled British PM Has One Last Independent Legal Move Left

Challenge the Parliament with contempt of Vox Populi and request that the High Court strikes its erroneous earlier ruling on the matter

By Ivan Daraktchiev

Global Research,

Earlier we have suggested that Boris Johnson could easily quench the chaotic mess in British Parliament where for three years now we observe politicking and positioning for career advancement, and no consideration whatsoever about assisting the Government in its job: on the contrary, visible to everyone is the obsession by most MPs with opposing whatever move which would seem to bring BREXIT closer to the finale.

Previously our proposal was along the lines of informing Parliament that there are two illegalities that they should give strong consideration to /1,2/ before continuing with their obstructive behavior:

1. The EU is an illegitimate construction, and on top of that Gordon Brown’s signature on the Treaty of Lisbon is made outside the sovereign’s sanction – David Cameron’s suggestion for the 2016 referendum is a clear albeit implicit admission to awareness of this.

2. British Judiciary’s decision to grant a say on BREXIT to Parliament after The British People spoke can not be considered wise nor rightful nor fair nor just (it would have been called “unconstitutional” as well, if UK had a constitution as a single document) – no court should grant to a servant the right to control its master, and a careful slash experienced judge should anticipate the theoretical possibility of effective opposition to the boss’ decree.India: Violations of the Right to Food and Work Rampant Across the Country, Made Worse by Aadhaar

Those arguments not having been used, we arrive at a critical point today whereby the agony could be extended further for no benefit to the British People. At the same time the voices in Parliament calling for another referendum have multiplied, and in our opinion exactly that could help resolve the crisis immediately.

If I were in the shoes of the British PM, I would make an urgent request, “cito,” to the High Court to immediately strike its earlier decision to grant Parliament a say on BREXIT, admitting its erroneous judgment. The request should rely on a single argument: various MPs have called for “new referendum” not realizing that this is expression of contempt vis-à-vis the sovereign’s decision in 2016. And if the court refuses to correct itself, it could in turn be accused of holding the sovereign in contempt. I do not think that a honest judge will omit the chance to restore justice and avoid blame in the future…

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