Flash: what is happening in Yarmuk Camp near Damascus?



I have been receiving live updates from friends and comrades about the developments in Yarmuk Camp.  The latest is that the Syrian Army is surrounding the camp.  Some say that it all started when people protested outside the office of the PFLP-GC in the camp: some parents of murdered children and men (murdered by the fire of the terrorist Zionist regime in occupied Palestine) were protesting against the role of the PFLP-GC in the protests in Majdal Shams.

But an eyewitness at the protests told me that the Palestinian organizations were not present in the protests: that the Syrian regime did not want the Palestinian organizations to mobilize for fear of a big massive protests, although Syrian TV was present.  But some were not happy about the role of the PFLP-GC, and some indicated that some fighters at the office in Yarmuk fired at the protesters.  Apparently, that resulted in an armed clash and that gun fire can still be heard at this hour.

The Syrian Army is surrounding the camp but others are saying that the Army was called in for help by the PFLP-GC but that Army is not intervening to support the organization for some suspicious reasons. All seems murky at this hour.  The Syrian Army is busing killing Syrian people but may have time to kill some Palestinians too.
PS No matter what, the responsibility for yesterday’s terrorist crimes against civilian protesters should be squarely blamed on the terrorist Israeli army.  No question about that.
PSS Eyewitnesses in Syria complained to me about the role of the Syrian army and security forces.  How they stood idly by while the Israeli terrorist soldiers were committing their crimes.  The Syrian Army is very much like the cowardly Lebanese Army in that regard.  These are armies that are only heroic against civilians (in fairness to the Lebanese Army, it is also afraid of civilians).

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  1. I am from vancouver,canada and in the past i have supported the PFLP.Im not sure what to think of the PFLP security firing on civilians.I needs to get more information on this before i condemns the PFLP.

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