Finding the Missing of Mariupol under Fire – Lancaster Special Report

Donbass families are searching for related Mariupol survivors via media help

By Jim W. Dean,

…from war correspondent Patrick Lancaster

This is long but I highly recommend it as an eye opener of the destruction of Mariupol and it still suffering basement survivors. Watch in parts if needed to get throug it, which I had to do… JD

[ Editor’s Note: Lancaster and his team have had requests from Donbass people outside the combat zone to find and extract elderly relatives or parents from a combat zone. These people might not have the resources, or even communications to organize this themselves.

After finding the people the next task is to get them to one of the official evacuation centers to go through the logging in of their data and getting medical care which is often needed by the many sick grandparents who have not had medications for some time.

When these people have had to run out of burning buildings after a shelling and have lost their passports and other documents, it is the relatives that have to vouch for who they are to begin getting new documents.

Under the stressful circumstances I suspect that can be a cumbersome time, but easier to do when outside of the combat zone.

This was a very strange interview with this old colonel waving a huge butcher knife around

And as has always happened in wars where people get uprooted, there are fluke cases where people bump into old friends of neighbors which happens at the end of this video.

This is a long, an hour, but is the fullest one viewing drama of the suffering that is still going on inside Mariupol with the old and infirm left in basements, with hit or miss support in terms of getting provisions and particularly medical care to them.

It seems that with the combat people still fighting, their medical people are overloaded and civilians have to be extracted from Mariupol to undamaged facilities that have the necessary supplies to deal with destitute and sick civilian survivors.

The people in Odessa must be sweating it out hoping a repeat of what happened to Mariupol does not happen to them. Odessa was the city that burned the Trade Union workers alive in their building at the start of the Nationalist terror war… Jim W. Dean ]

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