“Financial Reset” and Economic Warfare against Humanity

“Financial Reset” and Economic Warfare against Humanity: How Global Relations Should Be Restructured to Ensure National Sovereignty
Analysis of Russian Economist Sergei Glazyev

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall

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The hybrid warfare being waged to determine the future of Ukraine, intertwines frequently with many aspects of the manufactured COVID crisis. Both fiascos have at their core basic questions concerning how global economic relationships are to be restructured. Those who manufactured the COVID crisis in the quest to bring about a financial reset have pictured the process as one that would formalize the ascent of supranational agencies over institutions of national sovereignty.

Happy to play the role as prime ministerial mascot for the Davos-based World Economic Forum, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear that he is busily engaged in uploading Canada’s remaining repositories of national sovereignty to supranational entities. Trudeau is sacrificing the little that remains of the self-determination of average Canadians in order to further empower the ruling array of multi-billionaires and the globalist bankers backing them.

In Trudeau’s mind, Canada is a core entity of the World Health Organization and is subject to the political sway of its corrupt sponsors including the fake philanthropy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This and many other surrenders of Canadian sovereignty by Trudeau reflect his fixation on leading the world’s “first post-national country.” See this.

The War in Ukraine, Sanctions against Russia

The emergence of Ukraine as a test field for a number of conflicting agendas is providing platforms for nationalist counterpoints to globalist schemes of post-nationalist transformation. Indeed, the geopolitical effects rippling throughout the world since the Russian Armed Forces entered Ukraine on 24 February include the locating of possible escape routes from the tyrannies being imposed in the name of combating epidemics of disease.

The antipathies directed Russia have run towards radical extremes. The antipathies point towards the goal of ultimately destroying Russia and depriving its people of any basis for independent self-determination outside the grip of the primary banking institutions emerging from Anglo-America (Bretton Woods, Fed, Regional Development Banks, BIS). Hence the anti-Russian financial assault points towards the same oppressive trajectories as those promoted in the name of the fake fight to vanquish COVID-19.

Many countries representing more than half the world’s population have opted not to join in the regime of economic warfare directed at Russia in an onslaught of sanctions created with the goal of destroying the targeted country. An important new development in global geopolitics is marked by the emergence of this block of countries unwilling to play along with US sanctions against Russia.

The Battered Status of the US Dollar

Many agree that this emerging coalition has already significantly undermined the already-battered status of the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. The further falling away of the US dollar’s monopoly role in international finance is helping to stimulate a surge of creative thinking concerning alternative models of economic relationship. Sergei Glazyev is one of the most outspoken economists outlining new strategies to remake the primary structures of economic relations in the light of the faltering US attempts to destroy Russia’s commercial viability.

Glazyev is working on models that would weave together improved economic interactions among Asian and Eurasian countries. This process is unfolding even as the Western system of speculative excess in financing continues to weigh down countries, businesses and citizens under mountains of debt and inflation.

In charting a way forward, Glazyev is critical of the policies of President Vladimir Putin and the state-owned Russian Central Bank, which is in liaison with the Washington based Bretton Woods institutions.

Currently Glazyev is Commissioner for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission, which is the executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). See this.

Glazyev recently attracted much attention to his theories especially in his essay entitled “Sanctions and Sovereignty.” 

“US sanctions are the agony of the ongoing imperial world order based on the use of force. To minimize the dangers associated with it, it is necessary to accelerate the formation of a new—integrated—world economic order that restores international law, national sovereignty, equality of countries, diversity of economic models, and the principles of mutually beneficial and voluntary economic cooperation.” See this.

In a recent interview Glazyev commented on the type of world government favoured by those currently pressing forward the war against Russia. These protagonists are seeking oppressive outcomes consistent with those imposed in the name of fighting the supposed “pandemic.” Glazyev declared,

“What we see today is an attempt to form a certain image of a new world order with a world government at the head, where people are driven into an electronic concentration camp. You can see by the example of restrictions during the pandemic how it happened: all people are given tags, access to public goods is regulated through QR codes, everyone is forced to walk in formation.” See this.

Glazyev’s reference to “an electronic concentration camp” refers to the kind of biodigital prison complex being developed through the convergence of oppressive new technologies (QR Code) combined with social credit scoring systems. The aim of this apparatus is to apply computer algorithms in the cause of constraining and tightly regulating the activities of subjugated humans.

Glazyev makes reference in his commentary to a chapter that appeared in the Rockefeller Foundation Report in 2010. In a chapter entitled “Lock Step,” the authors of the document very closely predicted many of the events that would begin to unfold in 2020.

Glazyev writes,

“In the scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation back in 2010, the pandemic and, in fact, everything that happened in connection with it, was amazingly sorted into pieces – they actually predicted the future. This scenario was called Lock Step, that is, “Walk in formation”, and the Western world followed it. Sacrificing their own democratic values, they try to force people to obey commands. International organizations, including the World Health Organization, are used as a kind of stronghold for assembling a world government that would be subordinate to private capital.”

The Great Reset: Oppressive Form of Capitalism

Author and Attorney, Ellen Brown, has helped call attention to Russia’s most frequently-cited economist. Like Glazyev, Brown finds that the policies pushed forward in the supposed “pandemic” help highlight the larger patterns of repressiveness being pushed our way. As Brown sees it, the so-called Great Reset is actually a more oppressive form of capitalism where the middle class is made to disappear and the very rich are further empowered and entitled.

Brown predicts the nature of the political economy of enslavement that is being pushed on us as the assault on Russia intensifies. Writes Brown

“You will have an account with the central bank and a mandatory federal digital ID. You will receive a welfare payment in the form of a marginally adequate basic income – so long as you maintain a proper social credit score. Your central bank digital currency will be “programmable” – rationed, controlled, and canceled if you get out of line or disagree with the official narrative. You will be kept happy with computer games and drugs.” 

The corrupt and shallow globalism of those seeking to exploit a manufactured public health crisis is captured by the push to formulate an international treaty on pandemics at the World Health Organization. A broad constituency is well aware of the subservience of the WHO to the pharmaceutical industry and to its agents in government including the likes of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Justin Trudeau.

An organization named World Council for Health is helping to organize the critics of the WHO in its present state of scandal-ridden disarray.

The WHO simply lacks the public confidence needed to formulate with credibility a new international instrument on pandemics.  See this.

The creation of such a treaty would strip away jurisdiction from national, state, and provincial governments. Elected governments would cede away the right to formulate local health care policies through democratic means in the public interest.

A treaty of the type being proposed would advance the post-national preoccupations of the likes of Trudeau, Macron, Johnson, Draghi, et al.

Trudeau showed by his contemptuous treatment of the Canadian Truckers that he has no inclination whatsoever to listen to the representations from Canadian workers. Trudeau’s post-nationalism elevates the role of corporatist lobby groups like the World Economic Forum even as it undermines the effectiveness and credibility of Parliament and its attending institutions.

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