Craig Monteilh
• Case of Craig Monteilh shocks even veteran bureau critics

By The Staff at AFP

Craig Monteilh was a federal informant tasked with penetrating the Muslim community of Orange County, and he was good at his job. Acting under directions from his FBI handler, the professional conman, convicted in another federal case, pretended to convert to Islam, and then pretended to become obsessed with the idea of jihad against America. He then seduced Muslim women—on audio and videotape, for the pleasure of his FBI handlers—and attempted to persuade the women to join him in federally-concocted acts of terrorism. His record of extremism became so severe that several mosques got restraining orders, barring him from their property, and many of his targets reported him to the FBI as a terrorist.

“They said, if it would enhance the intelligence, go ahead and have sex. So I did,” Monteilh told the Guardian newspaper in London, “The way the FBI conducts their operations, It is all about entrapment. . . . I know the game, I know the dynamics of it. It’s such a joke. There is no real hunt. It’s fixed.”

Monteilh was recruited by the FBI through the local police forces, with whom he worked as informant on petty drug cases, using contacts that Monteilh made in prison for a series of bad checks he wrote to infiltrate drug gangs and set up their leaders. He became so good at setting up petty drug dealers for “ghost drug” conspiracies, that he was recruited by the FBI and taken to the next level—setting up “extremists” for phony “terrorism” conspiracies.

“The skill is that I am going to get you to say something. I am cornering you to say ‘jihad’,” Monteilh told the Guardian. “I was untouchable. I am a felon, I am on probation and the police cannot arrest me. How empowering is that? It is very empowering. You began to have a certain arrogance about it. It is almost taunting. They told me: ‘You are an untouchable’.”

And Monteilh took that arrogance to the extreme, recording every moment of his interaction with his fellow Muslims, including sexual encounters, that were replayed by his handlers for their amusement.

The fabrication of “terrorism” cases by the FBI has become a topic of increased concern following the effort by the FBI to initiate a war with Iran by fabricating a plot by an Iranian national to assassinate the Saudi ambassador. But the FBI has been setting up Americans for phony terrorism plots almost continuously since the late 1990s. A recent study by the University of Berkeley-California, showed that of all the “terrorist” plots prosecuted in America since 2001, only three were driven by any impetus other than that given them by the U.S. government.

Last month, in one of the most egregious entrapment cases, the FBI handed a phony bomb and an empty gun to an intoxicated man, drove him to the U.S. Capitol, and dropped him on the side of the road after telling him to shout “al Qaeda.” He was arrested by Capitol police and presented in the media as part of a “terrorist plot.”

The government is using phony terrorism plots to manipulate and terrify the American people, part of a larger campaign to keep them distracted and unaware of the serious economic and social problems that the black communist regime in Washington and its predecessor among the Trotskyite wing of the Republicans have created in the country.

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