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05, August 2010

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False Flag attack historical record

Why? To create fear in the public to bring people onside of the state. To
create war. Order out of kaos. Order ab kao latin! To be able to crack down on
the state at home.
Crisis Problem, reaction solution
You create a problem the people react so the state offers the solution.
This century it started with WW1 the great war millions died horrible
death, it was the same international bankers funding all sides of the war and the bankers could design the outcome by lending more or less money to 1 side or another.
After the war, the bankers tried to create the first world government
under League of nations, many nations were threatened and walked away from the discussions.  At the end of world war 2 the united nations was formed which is the current blueprint for the world government.
If there is no enemy you need to make 1 hence, War on terror, war on
drugs, war on poverty, war on literacy!
10th August 64 AD Nero torched Rome to be able to persecute the growing
Christian faith, the people were happy to watch the gladiators butcher christians once they knew they were responsible for burning rome.
feb 15th 1898 Havana harbour the USS Maine was sank by William Mcinlly in
order to gain support to start a war against spain.
Feb 27th 1933 Hitler burnt the reichstag parliamnet to the ground blamed
it on a mentally handicapped Marinus vandeloob put him before a nazi show trial and sentenced him to death, Hitler was now dictator of germany and set his eyes on the rest of the world. The people believed it and years later it came out in nazi archives that they had done the whole thing themselves .
7 Dec 1941 the pacific fleet at Pearl harbour was attacked Rosevelt who
had promised the american people that he would stay out of the war, had recieved Japans General anamota communication and knew at least a week before that they would be attacked on that day, he did not warn the american soldiers and sailors.

The bankers needed a united nations with the usa involved so they set them

John F Kennedy whose father was a nazi sympathiser who started of as a
playboy puppet of the elite structure after seeing operation northwoods, which was a plan by LL Leminzer Bomb washignton including many other fallse flag options (which you can get a copy of the original of the internet) and the CIA go against his orders at the bay of pigs in cuba. 
JFK signed executive order 11110 to end the ferderal reserve system the
private international banking house of america the equivilant of bank of england. He also signed to break up the cia and to get out of vietnam.
He became a man of the people and was brutally murdered for all to see.
there a split in thinking on some of these points LIHOP let it happen on
purpose. MIHOP Make it happen on purpose either way its the same thing it is
accesory to murder before the fact.
World Trade Centre october 28th, 31st 1993 New York Times and dec 15th
Chicago tribune describes how the fbi ordered ahmed salem a retired egyptian army officer to build the bomb gave him 1 million dollars and real exsplosives for a “sting” operation. He Got suspicious and secretly recorded head of FBI new york ordering him make sure it goes ahead. Thankfully the drivers did not park the truck bombs next to the support columns in the parking lot as instructed and the buildings didnt come down.
April 19th 1995 Oklahoma City FBI Alfred P Murrow building, bill clintons
Gun restricting legislation, images of dead children would allow clinton
to pass a legislation he was unable to pass just a year before.
S.735 the antiterrorism and effective death penalty act of 1996.
This bill obliterated massive parts of the bill of right and constitution.
1 bomb exploded at 9am on the north face -2 other bombs didnt explode and
were found the whole building would have come down if the others went off,
the 2 others exsplosive were bigger than the 1st. You can watch all the
footage of this on the internet.

They tried to blame it all on a truck bomb and timothy mcveigh.
Do your own research!

End of part1

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