Fake Syria Solidarity NGO Supports “Moderate” Terrorists. Bans Prof. Tim Anderson from Conference


Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr


Fake Syria Solidarity NGO supports the moderate Al Qaeda terrorists.  

University of Sydney professor and Global Research author Tim Anderson was an invited keynote speaker.

He has been banned following a hate campaign waged by a British based NGO which supports terrorism.


The SSUK accuses Tim Anderson of supporting the Assad government, yet the evidence amply confirms that this fake human rights groups is supporting the US-NATO sponsored terrorists.

“In an attempt to claim the moral high ground, Washington uses proxy NGOs alongside proxy militia, to maintain the fiction that the Syrian Army does nothing but attack Syrian civilians.”

Click the image below to order Tim Anderson’s book directly from Global Research Click the image below to order Tim Anderson’s book directly from Global Research

Text of  Fake Human Rights NGO: 

To the participants and organisers of the ‘Crossing Borders’ Conference

Refugees conference invites Assad supporter as keynote speaker

The Cooperative Institute for Transnational Studies in collaboration with the University of Aegean (Laboratory EKNEXA-Department of Sociology) have announced a conference on the refugee crisis, ‘Crossing Borders,’ in Lesvos, Greece, on 7-10th July.

We are very concerned to note that the list of speakers includes Tim Anderson, a supporter of the Assad regime, for the reasons given in the open letter below.

To the participants and organisers of the ‘Crossing Borders’ Conference


The fact the conference is sponsored by the Stop The War Coalition and stopimperialism.org, two organisations which have been unwilling to condemn or criticise the actions of the regime, causes us further concern.

We call on the conference organisers to disinvite Tim Anderson and issue a strong statement condemning the repression of the Assad regime against the Syrian people. If they are unwilling to do this, we call on other participants like Paul Mason and Nina Power, activists who are committed to the struggle for social change and against oppression, not to participate in the conference alongside known regime apologists. We welcome discussion and debate about the causes and solutions to the refugee crisis, but pro-regime apologists should not be a part of this discussion.

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