FACT: WMS (Weapons of Mass Salvation)


When truth is obfuscated
When crimes are ignored
When imprisoned if you ‘believe”
When imprisoned if you “deny” 

When truth-seekers are attacked When truth-speakers are kicked outWhen poison is offered with honey
When gatekeepers run the show
When wolves put on sheep-clothing
When Injustice becomes the Law
When criminals are defended
When robbers are absolved
When obscenity is glorified
When babies-slaughter becomes the “norm”
When their blood is “nothing new”
When their screams . . . “we’ve heard that before”
When genocide is downplayed . . . “so what… everyone did it”

RAGE friends RAGE 

RAGE is a virtue
Righteous anger… absolutely justified
RAGE my friends RAGE
Let your rage ignite the den of demons
Let your rage break the chains
Let your rage bring truth to life
Let your rage nail sleaze with FACTS
FACTS friends FACTS 


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