Eyewitness Report of Las Vegas Shooting. “There Was More Than One Shooter”


Reported by KITV Hawaii:

“Gio Rios and Marissa Castle, from Kaua’i witnessed the shooting in Las Vegas first hand. They said they continued to hear bullets coming and when they dropped to the ground two or three other people landed on their legs and back– the man on Castle’s back was actually dead. It was a traumatizing experience for the couple.”

Here is the report of KITV Hawaii, which quotes Gio Rios as saying that “there was more than one shooter”. Gio Rios’ statement refutes the official FBI story.

Click here to access the KITV news report

Below is the complete video posted by Gio Rios on Facebook, which recounts the details of what he and Marissa Castle experienced during the shootout and they managed to escape.

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