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Must Read Letter To The Editor

by crescentandcross 

White News Now has broken the biggest false flag story of the past 72 hours. White News Now, is a community based cyber news organization dedicated to exposing Zionist machinations.
WNN discovered from the main stream (Zionist) press that Jared Lee Loughner is in fact Jewish. The original Zionist false flag story  claimed anti-Semitism . Once the story was revealed by WNN as in fact , A Jewish on Jewish shooting, Zionist white bashing organizations changed their religious line to a crime of extreme political violence.
What needs to be kept in mind about this story is that the dead victims of the Jewish killers were dead white males and females. This story should be about religious based ,Jewish on European American killings, as well as Jewish on Jewish killings.
Furthermore, as a European American community activist ,a Zionist in recovery, and an adult child of Zionist parents, I have come to believe that I have been emotionally damaged by Zionism.
 I have been “white bashed “ by both the ADL and the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center. However, I see the real possibility for redemption by the richly textured synagogic community.
I propose a new initiative of redemption through remuneration. The Zionist establishment has for over 600 years propagated a series of false flag operations to undermine global peace.
My initiative is to transform the “Kosher tax” that is collected by rabbis. Now, the tax goes from the non Jewish consumers of food to the coffers of Jewish religious enterprises. My proposal is to use this Kosher (religious) tax to repair the damage done by Zionist wars Madoff type financial swindles, and the cultural molestation perpetrated by  Hollywood hoods.
My initiative would result from a multicultural pilpul and healing Financial Forum composed of caring world communities, righteous Jews , and powerful Jewish ruling class oligarchs. The initiative would embrace a new Robin Hood approach to world problems. “Soak the rich!” Not a Hand out , but a Hand Up.
All Zionist schemes that has resulted in genocide would have to be calculated by the Financial Forum to redistribute among affected survivors of Holodomors, Gazacides, slavery, etc. Rich Zionist(Jewish and Goyish) money masters would pay this Kosher Tax on an easy payment plan. These moneys could be paid over a period of six years.
The time to repair the damage is now! Use this Kosher/religious tax to create an emerging greening of long suffering communities.
Stan Hess.. cross cultural healer and author of European American Heritage Month, which is celebrated in 6 California School Districts.
Coeur d Alene, Idaho

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