EXCLUSIVE: The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Accuses Jackie Walker of Holocaust Denial


Why?  Because they didn’t realise that she was quoting from David Ben-Gurion

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism accuses Jackie Walker of Exonerating Hitler on the basis of a quote from David Ben-Gurion
Just some of the posts on the CAA web site.  Falter and friends have indulged in a continuous racist tirade against Jackie Walker – the trash that make up Labour’s Compliance Unit under Iain McNicol quote from this racist in disciplinary hearings against Jackie Walker

The CAA must have thought that it was Chanukah come early.  When they saw the Jackie Walker quote that the Palestinians had paid the price for the Holocaust, they had no hesitation in deciding that ‘Nazi’ and ‘Jackie Walker’ could only mean Holocaust denial, if not Holocaust justification.

Gideon Falter – the Campaign Against Anti-semitism’s master forger

You can imagine the atmosphere at the CAA after a long days work inventing anti-Semitism libels, distorting quotations and smearing all manner of opponents in and around the Left and the Labour Party.  People from John O’Groats to Lands End are all equally at risk of being targeted by the fiction writers of the CAA.  J K Rowling has nothing on the CAA’s Gideon Falter.  All this tedious work in order to persuade Britain’s Jewish community and gullible Jewish funders that Britain today is roughly at the same stage as Germany was in 1938 after Kristallnacht (yes they have actually said that).

Imagine the joy when news of a Jackie Walker quotation arrived.  What made it even more exciting was that she had mentioned the Nazis, Hitler and Auschwitz all in one go.  This was priceless, worth more than its weight in gold.  In the words of Margaret Thatcher, after the sinking of the Belgrano, ‘Gotcha’.

A typical Zionist troll repeats the libel whilst expressing fake outrage

On 7th February the CAA put up a post Jackie Walker has now posted a text on Facebook which asks whether Hitler can be blamed for the the (sic!) Holocaust, and leaves open the possibility that he was justified.

I hope you like those last few weasel words, ‘leaves open the possibility’ hint, hint, nudge, nudge.  She didn’t actually say it but we all know that she meant to say it!

Jackie Walker is the ideal target for Zionism’s masters of smear.  For one thing she is Black.  For another she is, in the words of the Jewish Labour Movement’s fragrant Director, Ella Rose tiny’.  And to make it even worse, she has the audacity to pretend that she is Jewish as well as Black when any half-decent racist and/or Zionist knows that that is impossible.  And the creme de la creme – she has been suspended from the Labour Party by Iain ‘Crooked’ McNicol on fake anti-Semitism charges.

No organisation has been more assiduous in making racist attacks on Jackie Walker than the Zionistcharity, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.  The CAA has put up no less than 19 articles on the web concerning the former Vice Chair and Black-Jewish member of Momentum.

You might think that the CAA would have difficulty with the following quote.  However that is to belittle the skills and brilliance of the CAA’s operatives.

Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paradoxe Juif (the Jewish Paradox) p.99.
The context in which Ben-Gurion made the statement he did

I know that standards of literacy are not what they were when I was at school.  Nonetheless I would still expect the average primary school child to understand that the above quote is neither trying to justify the Holocaust or exonerate Hitler.  However, that is to underestimate the ingenuity of Gideon Falter’s Campaign Against Antisemitism, who are to honest reporting what Bernie Madoff was to honest banking.  In short they are in a class of their own when it comes to distorting, twisting and inventing what people say.  The CAA puts the Sun to shame.  If they had covered the Hillsborough tragedy they would have described the death of nearly 100 Liverpool fans as an act of collective mass suicide.

Julius Streicher – Nazi gauleiter and editor of Der Sturmer provided a model that CAA have faithfully followed.  Streicher was hanged at Nuremburg after the war.

Although nothing in the quote remotely approximated to the suggestion that Hitler was not responsible for the Holocaust, still less that it was justified, people forget that words by themselves are irrelevant.  In the words of Humpty Dumpty, words mean what Gideon Falter wants them to mean.

Although those limp wristed pinkos at the Jewish Labour Movement had made all the running, it would be the true Zionists of the CAA who would drive the final nail into the coffin of Jackie Walker. Or perhaps the stake into her Black heart.

So on Tuesday 7th February the CAA put up yet another post attacking Jackie Walker for her evil anti-Semitism.  This one would without doubt finish her off.  Unfortunately there was just one small problem that even the collective genius of the CAA hadn’t foreseen.  The quote in question was not by Jackie Walker or one of her many anti-Semitic friends (because all friends of Jackie are anti-Semitic by definition).

It was a quote by David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, explaining the reasons for Arab hostility to Israel and Zionism.  It wasn’t that they hated Jews or any of the nonsense that JAA come out with. It was because ‘we’ i.e. the Zionists had stolen their land.  And Ben Gurion recognised that it was no use justifying it with mention of Hitler, the Nazis or Auschwitz because that was not the doing of the Arabs either.

The JAA’s problem is that when you live in a permanent haze of Zionist propaganda and lies, nothing seems real after a while.  It all begins to feel like a wilderness of mirrors.  The idea that one of your own side might actually tell the truth for once is almost inconceivable.  However there can be no doubting the authenticity of the quote.  It appeared in the autobiography of Nahum Goldmann, The Jewish Paradox : A personal memoir (1978) p. 99.   Goldmann was the former President of the World Jewish Congress and the World Zionist Congress.   In it he describes a conversation at his home with Ben Gurion.

What could the CAA do to cover up having been caught in the act of fabrication?  Even the cry of ‘anti-Semitism’ might not sound altogether convincing!  Well the first thing was to delete the article.  The only problem was that people like me could still pick it up in the Google cache!   It’s gone now but not before I managed to capture a screen print.

Leaving aside the humorous side of this, what this shows is that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’s sole concern is to smear and besmirch any person, Jewish or otherwise, with the label ‘anti-Semite’ if they are opposed to Zionism or support the Palestinians.  The CAA are a classic McCarthyite organisation whose modus operandi is guilt by association.

The CAA are no more interested in eradicating genuine anti-Semitism than Stalin was in establishing workers’ control.  What they are in the business of doing is inventing evidence against anyone who is an opponent of Zionism using the weapon of anti-Semitism.

The CAA are the equivalent of what Michael Foot once called the Daily Mail in the wake of the Zinoviev letter – The Forger’s Gazette. They simply have no case for remaining a charity.  They provide absolutely no public benefit and nor are their purposes charitable.

What they have done is conned the Charity Commission into believing that they are genuinely interested in combating anti-Semitism and pursuing racial harmony whereas they are interested in the exact opposite.

Not surprisingly the CAA have tried to get Change.org to take down the petition To Get the Charity Commission to Deregister the Zionist Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which I put upIt now has 750 signatures and rising.  Please sign it and let change.org know that any attempt to remove it will be seen as an attack on freedom of speech.

Tony Greenstein

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