European Parliament workshop on DU and toxic remnants of war in Iraq


The European Parliament’s ad hoc delegation for relations with Iraq will be holding a meeting on 7th November to debate the environmental and civilian harm caused by the use of depleted uranium and the generation of toxic remnants of war during recent conflicts in the country.
The meeting will be addressed by IKV Pax Christi’s Wim Zwijnenburg, author of last year’s In a State of Uncertainty report which considered the impact and implications of DU use in the country. The report highlighted the use of DU in civilian areas and against non-armoured targets.
Details of the event are as follows:
Thursday, 7 November 2013, 11.30 – 12.30
4.    Debate on: Damage caused by the use of depleted uranium and contamination due to other toxic remnants in post-conflict Iraq
Key speaker:
•    Wim Zwijnenburg, Security and Disarmament, IKV Pax Christi;
A Permanent ad hoc Delegation for the relations with Iraq has been in place since February 2008 with the aim of establishing a regular dialogue between the European Parliament and the Iraqi Council of Representatives. The two inter-parliamentary meetings, held in September 2008 (Brussels) and April 2009 (Strasbourg), highly contributed to uphold continued cooperation, by creating the necessary framework for open debates on priority issues, such as: the situation of women in Iraq and Family Law provisions, security and regional issues, refugees and EU cooperation assistance. A great deal of interest is granted to enhancing cooperation in: education; health and environment; economy, investment & construction; oil, gas and energy; parliamentary development.

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