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Forget the decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.  It’s not meaningful anyways.  And it is “inconsequential” because it’s just another city in Syria with a history of massive casualties.  The only reason for all this clamor and clangor is the Islamic Noble Sanctuary and the various Christian sites all of which have something to do with the growth and suffering of Jesus. That’s about it.  For the Jews, it should have no meaning because their true Jerusalem is in Yemen’s ‘Aseer Province as proven by Professor Kamal Salibi in his monumental book:  “The Bible Came from Arabia”. Moreover, it should have no meaning because the average Jew in Palestine doesn’t have any of the requisite DNA.

What is more important is that the U.S. is planning to establish a Kurdish state in Syria in defiance of Turkey’s absolute hostility to the idea.  And, as the Syrian government has pointed out repeatedly, such action would be in violation of international law.  So far, the Europeans have been most punctilious in adhering to such laws as evidenced by their near-unanimous condemnation of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist Settler State.  Even if Britain was in cahoots with the U.S. in trying to set up a Kurdish state, their announced rejection of deviation from the traditional positions of Europe in dealing with the Arab-Zionist conflict would seem to belie that.  I see a massive disconnect coming between Europe and the United States thanks to Trump.  With this coming this year, one can detect the friction from Vladimir Putin rubbing his palms feverishly in Moscow.

Trump will seal the fate of the United States with more than Europe.  He has already ostracized Pakistan for taking American money without returning anything.  He has also decided to stay the course in Afghanistan even as the war there enters its 17th year with no end in sight and the Taliban extending their writ over more captured territories.  With Britain and France unwilling to share his Pollyannish optimism about the longevity of the Kabul government, it can only be expected that with the rise of Jeremy Corbin in the U.K., that the Brits will abandon the sinking ship and fly back to Old Blighty.  The French will do the same.

The patsies in all this are the Kurds who are signing on to their own extermination.  Turkey is not going to accept any state for them in Syria or Iraq and the Turks know they have an ally in Dr. Assad.  The Iraqis are just as anxious as the Turks since an effort to build a Kurd state in Syria will almost certainly gain ground in northern Iraq.  Iran, of course, with a Rabelaisian interest in extending its natural gas pipeline to the Syrian littoral, will do whatever must be done to dash American hopes.  That means that the Kurds had better prepare themselves for all-out war with Syria’s, Iraq’s, Turkey’s and Iran’s militaries.  There is no way out of this conclusion even if the U.S. decides it will fight to the last Kurd to make it work.

This plan is a Zionist plan.  If you remember Dr. Bashar Ja’afari’s analysis which I mentioned in several essays, you will immediately understand why Netanyahu is committed to a Kurdish rump state.  As Dr. Ja’afari explains it, Zionism needs to Balkanize the Near East into statelets, each with a peculiar religious or ethnic core, in order to justify the apartheid Zionism is practicing against the Palestinians.  Only through the existence of a Maronite state,  a Druze state, an Alawi state, a Sunni state, a Jewish state and a Kurdish state, can the Jews inside Palestine justify the perverse structure of their Warsaw Ghetto nation.  The Kurds are playing right into this illogic and their fate is uglier than that of the Khwarezmian shahs.

Chris tells me that there are thousands of Marines inside the Kurd enclave we shall call “Rojava” despite the well-established fact that the Kurds have little history in Syria.  The U.S. is kiting the lie that the marines are there to protect borders.  Of course, this is very laughable and typical of the undying stupidity of the imbeciles in Washington D.C.  It is a new plan promoted by the CIA to offset the disastrous consequences of its previous support for terrorists obsessed with ousting the Syrian central government.  As I have written before, there are still remnants of the CIA team which refuses to accept the collapse of their project in Syria which has led to a redirection of the plan to block Iran’s pipeline.  What this means is that Dr. Assad was never the real target – he was only incidental to the plan.  He and his government had to be removed only because they had acquiesced to Teheran’s machinations.  Now, the CIA is not interested in Dr. Assad’s duration in office, that’s simply obvious; instead they have shifted their emphasis to the Kurdish state they expect to recognize once all the attributes of statehood have been established.  Then, and only then, will Nikki Haley, WOG of the YEAR, be able to present the U.N.S.C. with the fait accompli she expects the members to swallow.  They won’t and she will be back threatening and posturing.

In the meantime, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran will be doing everything possible to sabotage this miserable stratagem.  Now, for this plan to work, it requires military preparation.  If and when Iraq finally tells the U.S. to get out along with its aircraft; and the Turks tell Washington to pack up its hardware and leave Incirlik, the U.S. will be constrained to maneuver militarily to protect Rojava.  However, if you have been following the news, the U.S. has been building air bases in the target area and all this in anticipation of the rancor that is going to be unloaded on the American plan to redraw the Middle East.  Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. 

Trump’s plan is going to flop in a big way.  If you will take notice, the U.S.airbases in the Kurdish area being developed for statehood are within easy reach of Syria’s artillery.  It is even within reach of everybody’s artillery.  If you consider Syria’s vast missile arsenal, which is designed to disable Zionist airbases in Occupied Palestine, it becomes even easier to understand how this plan must fail miserably.

It appears the U.S. is anticipating respect for its combat troops in Syria because, well, they are American, after all, and should not be assailed in any way lest the aggressors be willing to sustain the unleashed wrath of America’s incomparable military.  YAWN.  The U.S. has not won a war since Russia handed it a victory in WWII over Germany (with the exception of triumphs in banana republics like Panama and Grenada).  Whether it’s Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, the U.S. record is dismal.  This Syrian adventure will not improve the American record. Nay! It will convince everyone that the U.S. is a paper tiger no more powerful than Saudi Arabia.

No rest for the wicked.  No sooner does Syria vanquish the terrorist rodents than the U.S. props up another villain for Damascus to fight.  But, as Chris, has written to me frequently: this battle for Syria is not viewed as some frivolous sideshow – rather – it goes to the heart of American/Zionist/Masonic plans for the Middle East.  It is a part of America’s expected future in its dealings with Europe.  As Chris has opined,  the plan to steal the oil of the Golan Heights; to destroy Iran’s burgeoning power; to enslave the Iraqis; to further entrench retrogressive regimes in the area are part and parcel of Zionist hegemonism whose stench leads straight to the ornate chambers of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  This plan is not going to go away any time soon because it was developed to serve up the lifeblood of the Arab peoples to the Zionist hordes infecting the land of Palestine.

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