ERDOGAN, ''COLONIZING SOMALIA''… Somalia: Turkey is dead wrong


Having only met with the ignorant and power obsessed trio-TFG leaders and their opportunistic followers, the Turks are jumping up and down with joy and thinking that they have all over again discovered a new 21st century Americas in the continent of Africa, which is heaving with riches. [[[[[The Turks wrongfully assume that they will be able to settle in Somalia, dominate Somalis politically and simply drain Somalia’s natural resources as the European settlers did in the 15th century Americas. They are thinking if that worked with the Kurdish people for so long, why not with the Somalis? They also ambitiously see Somalia as a gateway to their future Horn of Africa colonies.]]]]]]]
If you think I am wrong, please check what the Turks did within the last few months in Somalia. They supplied more disaster relief and did more infrastructural construction than any country on earth in that civil war and then famine stricken Somalia – [[[[[[[At first the Somalis though that this was noble and was no strings- attached kindness from a sisterly Muslim country that was disgusted with the Arab, Muslim and Western indifference to the more than two decade-old blight in Somalia.]]]]]]]No more than few months, the Turks contradicted themselves and began meddling in the internal political affairs of the Horn of Africa. They arrogantly and openly denied the hard-earned, democratic and the peaceful self- determination of the Somaliland people.
The Turks strongly advocated for what it called the united Somalia – I would respectfully like to correct Mr. Erdogan, the politically ambitious Turkish conqueror of Somalia and inform him that there was no such thing called “Somalia” in which Somaliland was part of. The Somaliland-Somalia annulled union of the 1960 was called the Somali Republic to begin with and not “Somalia”. I will also with all sincerity encourage him to take his time and read the ancient and contemporary Somaliland history before he takes further damaging political decision that might affect Turkey’s future relations with the people of that strategically located country, which is correctly called Somaliland.The Turks have air-lifted hundreds of illiterate people cautiously selected by Somalia’s trio-TFG leaders to Istanbul – to mislead the international community, these people were intentionally and falsely named “Somalia’s civil societies”.
These people were accommodated in the most glamorous hotels in Turkey and were dined in the most exquisite restaurants with the hope of buying their future allegiance.It was soon discovered that The Turkish assistance was no different than European buying slaves from African chiefs with glittery beads. To be fair, the Turks better treated the Somalis from Somalia than their counterpart African slaves of the 19th century to the Americas and the present day Turkish Kurds. At least Somalis are being transported by planes and not crowded in old ships and unlike Kurdistan, Somalia is promised to be rebuilt and not to be destroyed day in and day out by the mighty Turkish air force.
But who knows what Turkey has in store for the future Somalia.I am surprised that the Turks did not even mull over and think about the reasons that lead the Italian defeated in Somalia. The Italian ruled Somalia for a century, but they collected their luggage hastily and ran for their lives after coming face to face with Somalia’s deadly reality in 1960.The Turkish leaders are ignorant of the fact that Somalis are one of the most politically slanting and entrepreneurial creatures on earth. To be precise, the opposite is true; the Somalis in Somalia (former Italian colony) are the ones who are sharpening their knives better and not the Turks. Everyone in Mogadishu is impatiently waiting to get his/her piece of the Turkish-pie even if that will take kidnapping few Turkish aide workers.
I do not have vista of the current gloomy political upheaval in Somalia ending in the years to come, but still, I can foresee another war taking place after Somalia’s political dust settles – that is if it does settle down. The final war will be over the spoils left by the Turks and that might drag on long after we are all gone. I might be proven wrong, but I believe the Turks are dead wrong and will not be able to bribe and subjugate Somalis to become Turkey’s version Europe’s 15th century Americas. [[[[[[[[There are millions of better educated and politically more sophisticated Somalis than the few opportunists the Turks met in the fortified Mogadishu’s equivalent to the Green Square in Bagdad, Iraq.]]]]]]]]
[ed notes:I personally Don’t back Somali ands own aspirations since succession(in 1960)from Somalia(many Somali land defenders argue it Wasn’t a succession or Balkani-Zation of African states,while many African countries felt it was just that).Then there is the issue of early 1990’s where Somali land officials worked very close with Ethiopia (Zionist ran),and the Zionist ran imperial west on the global war on terror(according to Wikileaks and Independent researchers).The Zionist ran Ethiopian govt even encouraged Djibouti to recognize it as well due to that support..i’m giving this Background because the professor is from Somali land,but that doesnt make him a Zionist necessarily,and indeed his argument against turks lending puppet govt in Somalia support,tells me this(i could be wrong).Hes actually standing up for Somalians in article…anyway outside of all this background the issue remains,is Turkey colonizing Somalia as the somaliland professor alleges I would answer yes,it is now training the new puppet govt’s army,and it is also lending support to Somalias first think tank wich is a front group for that puppet govt,(they will formulate policies wich are agendas carried out thru transitional govt)representing that illegitimate govt  interests,Turkeys,Qatars,and the imperial wests..
make sure you see the supplementary links at bottom of that article…
continuing on let me state,that i love Somali people witha passion,and anotehr of Turkeys slap in the face besides offering the latest puppet transitional govt support,is the construction of malls,yes you read correctly malls!now i ask my majority of poverty stricken(thanks to west) Somalis this a benefit for whom?besides the Turkish construction sector,isn’t it ,a gift to the small minority of ruling elites and upper classes who can afford to shop there while rest of nation suffers from destitution?cursed be Erdogan the pagan masonic fraud in muslim gharb,curse on you you snake! 

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