Egyptians Forced Anti-Muslim Bigots to Be Naked



By Ali Baghdadi

The majority of American politicians and corporate media make me sick to my stomach. In plain English, they make me want to vomit. All the problems of the world are blamed on Muslim “extremists”, “fundamentalists” and “radicals”. Soon, racist bigots may even claim that global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, catastrophic forest fires, and maybe also the blizzard that recently hit Chicago and kept me under “house arrest” for almost a week, are all caused by Muslims. In their definition, Muslims include converts, Christian Arabs, as well as “Muslim” rightists, leftists, atheists, agnostics and ordinary people, no distinction. All Muslims are considered bad, and a threat to Western civilization, way of life, and “Judeo-Christian culture”. Ironically, those bigots have their political agenda.

Joe Lieberman, the Israeli voice in the US senate, insists that America is at war. The enemy is “violent Islamist extremism” caused by “a terrorist political ideology”. Of course, he is referring to the Qur’an, our holy book, which orders us to resist with all means available, only if our lands are attacked or invaded. In a letter to the administration, the Senator wrote that President Obama’s failure to openly identify the enemy is “offensive”; and it is time to “blow the whistle”, on the US President.

It is not farfetched for Lieberman to eventually blame Muslims for the unemployment, bankruptcy and home foreclosures caused by the banking system mostly owned and run by his co-religionists. Lieberman knows who the real enemy is. It is Israel and her spies that continue to steal US secrets and technologies and sell them to our rivals. It is Israel and its Jewish lobby that bankrupted America. It is those forces that send our American boys and girls to die in the service of the Jewish settler state, which is expected to soon disappear from the map, the way apartheid did in South Africa.

Congressman Peter King went even further. On February 15th, he accused America’s Muslims of being recruited by al-Qaida, an imaginary “monster” the US government invented after the collapse of Communism to scare the American people. Muslim’s aim, he claims, is to destroy America.

Appearing on Fox News, Brigitte Gabriel, president of “Act for America”, one of the many anti Islam bigots, said that she could not “speak to what God he (President Obama) prays to in his private space,” but that “all the signs show that he has a very soft spot for the Islamic world.”

I am not in the business of defending President Obama. Certainly, I deplore his criminal policies towards Muslim countries and the continued occupation of Muslim lands. But why shouldn’t President Obama have a “soft spot” for people who have done the United States no harm; when he is fully aware that the 911 tragedy was a false flag, a home-made conspiracy, planned and executed by Israeli and US intelligence, with “prayers” from Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld? Why doesn’t he; when his father is a Muslim and his aunt in Detroit insists to remain a Muslim despite all pressure? Why doesn’t he; when he lived in Indonesia, the largest Muslim populated country, and was cared for by a stepfather who is a Muslim? Why doesn’t he; when Christians not Muslims, who dropped the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Obama saw with his own eyes Israeli Jews, who possess the fourth military power in the world, rain down thousands of tons of explosives, including white phosphorus bombs, over tiny and besieged Gaza? Unlike his predecessor, Obama comprehends geography, history and politics. He is affected by the slave trade that resulted in the murder of tens of millions of Blacks, and the rape of Africa of its resources. Years back, he witnessed the testimonies of human rights organizations reporting from Bosnia. Some of the Christian rapes of Muslim women took place in camps located in churches, and were sanctioned by Christian clerics (pimps).

Muslims don’t have their own God, as “Christians for Israel” and other bigots claim. The “Chosen People” do. Their own god, Jehovah, describes himself as a jealous god, who, according to their teachings, orders his followers to murder destroy burn and rape virgins of gentiles (non-Jews). But Muslims worship the same God Christians believe in, the one God, the Lord of the Universe, the Merciful, the Beneficent and the Loving.

Should it really matter whether President Obama is a Muslim or a Christian? Is it that significant? We don’t lose as Muslims, and certainly Christians don’t gain for the President being a Christian. He is a free man, and it is his choice.

True Islam was clearly transparent all over Egypt during the youth revolution that forced the tyrant dictator of Egypt to step down. The entire world witnessed the love and brotherhood shared by Muslims and Coptic Christians. Both held hands and embraced. Christians acted as a human shield to protect their Muslim brothers while praying. Muslim and Christian demonstrators formed security committees to protect churches, mosques, and also their neighborhoods from thugs sent by Mubarak. An Egyptian girl with a cross dangling from her neck, was seen pouring water on the hands of a Muslim, a mandatory obligation prior to Muslim prayers. During the Egyptian youth revolution, which lasted almost 3 weeks, no church was bombed, ransacked or desecrated. The demonstrators held the Bible next to the Quran. They raised the cross together with the crescent. That is the way Islam and Christianity normally behave, if the enemies of Islam are no longer in business. That also explains the continued presence of Christianity amidst Muslim majority.

It is important to note that the car bombing of a Christian Church in Alexandria, over two months ago, that caused the murder of 24 and injury of over 100 innocents, turned out to be the Mubarak regime’s making. The orders were given by Mubark’s Secretary of the Interior. Of course, Palestinian Muslim “fanatics of al-Qadea” were blamed. Sectarian feud, the regime thought, will strengthen their grip and dominance.

The bombing of mosques and churches, and the killing between Muslim Sunni and Shiites, and the fleeing of Christians from Muslim lands is not a Muslim culture. This has to do with foreign occupation. It is carried out by agents of foreign intelligence that practice the policy of “divide and rule” or “divide and control”. The fall of Muslim tyrants and dictators, the puppets of Western powers, will bring to the open what Muslims and Islam really are.

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