Egyptian Liberation Party Warns against Calls for Military Intervention in Syria


The Egyptian Liberation Party affirmed that the Egyptian army will not become mercenary militias that fight on behalf of the United States and Israel against the Arab and Islamic resistance.In a statement issued on Sunday, the Party said that it views the statements made by the agents of Qatar and the Arab Gulf in Egypt regarding military intervention in Syria very seriously, particularly since the US agenda is implemented in Egypt through the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Party warned that the current government in Egypt is taking a form that is worse than the deposed previous government and that hides behind sectarianism, making it a viable candidate for implementing the new colonialist stage that involes transforming the Arab-Israeli conflict into an inter-Islamic conflict and a clash among the elements of the diversity that influenced Arab and Islamic culture.The statement stressed the need for Egypt to remain in its natural camp: the resistance camp which is consistent with its history, saying that “those who seek to make Egypt a subordinate country wearing beards and niqabs will fare no better than their predecessors who reaped the fruit of subordination in shame and dishonor as their masters eventually discarded them and they were replaced with new slaves.”
The Party concluded its statement by saying that the attempts to involve the Egyptian army in a dirty proxy battle and in a conspiracy against Arab and Islamic resistance requires all honest forces to make a stand, first among those forces being the Egyptian armed forces.

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