Egyptian efforts to accomplish exchange deal between ‘Israel’ and Hamas

Egyptian efforts to accomplish exchange deal between Israel and Hamas
Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the State of Palestine
 Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the State of Palestine

RAMALLAH, Palestine (North Press) – Expectations indicate that the exchange deal between Israel and Hamas will be resolved in weeks amid Egyptian pressures on Israel to accept to release the Palestinian detainees ensuring that the exchange deal should be conducted in several stages, sources told Al-Arabiya News Channel on Monday.

Egypt does not want to connect this deal with the file of reconstructing Gaza Strip, but with the Palestinian authority and the United Nations. In addition, Egypt has reservations about the establishment of an independent committee for the reconstruction of Gaza, the sources added.  

An Israeli delegation is supposed to arrive in Cairo within days to discuss the Palestinian requests in addition to a meeting of the Palestinian factions in Cairo next week.  

Hamas is ready to go deep in exchange negotiations under one condition that they remain separate from the file of de-escalation and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, political sources from Hamas told North Press.

Cairo sent an invitation to hold a peace conference between Israel and Palestine, while Egypt requested pledges from the Palestinian factions not to launch rockets on Israel, media sourced reported.

The Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate, Abbas Kamel, who is visiting Israel and Palestine, called on Israel to stop building the settlement, suspend the evacuation and present a truce under international supervision, the sources added.

Egypt asked Israel to suspend any assassination operations against Hamas leaders, the sources stressed.

Israel has provided Kamel with evidences that confirm the involvement of Iran in Gaza and informed Egypt its anger at the Hamas-Hezbollah cooperation.

For its turn, Egypt sent a message to all the factions in Gaza Strip providing that it would not allow the exploitation of any Iranian rule in the escalation.

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