Egypt: Zionist puppet Sisi regime tortures Palestinian resistance combatants


“We were a group of 15 combatants returning from a training mission from one of the countries that supports the Palestinian resistance. When we arrived at Cairo airport, we were taken to an underground place. We were blindfolded, handcuffed, and transferred to a number of prisons.” This is a part of a testimony of a Palestinian resistance combatant who was detained in Zionist puppet Sisi prisons and has been released recently.
Al-Khaleej Online will reveal in this investigation that the Egyptian intelligence and national security services tortured a number of Palestinian resistance combatants and students during their travel and study, in order to extract security information related to the Palestinian resistance.
The investigation documented a number of testimonies of more than 20 Palestinians, including those fighting in the Palestinian resistance, who were detained in Zionist puppet Sisi secret prisons of Egyptian intelligence and national security, and subjected to physical and psychological torture throughout their interrogation period.
According to these Palestinians’ testimonies, the Egyptian officers had mostly asked them about their military action, especially during the waves of escalation with the Nazi occupation, and their way of firing shells from inside the Strip.
The data Al-Khaleej Online has revealed about the Egyptian security’s torture and interrogation of resistance combatants have been confirmed by sources in the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine.
Palestinians in the Gaza Strip use Cairo Airport to travel around the world because there is no airport inside the Strip and the Nazi occupation does not allow them to travel through Beit Hanoun (Erez) Crossing.
The Zionist puppet Sisi regime have been using the so-called “deportation” system for Palestinian travellers wishing to travel outside Egypt. A bus from Rafah Border Crossing is transferred to Cairo Airport under high-security measures. No one from inside the bus would be allowed to leave it until it gets inside the airport. The travellers are then handed over to the security authorities there.

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