Zionist Egyptian police have detained 22 people as a part of a major crackdown launched earlier this week to keep a tight grip on the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Mu-Barak dogs searched homes in Rafah and Sheikh Zuayed to confiscate goods prepared to be transferred to Gaza.
The impoverished territory that is home to 1.5 million people has been under siege by Mu-Barak Zionist army for more than 1,000 days.
As Zio=Nazi controls access to the territory by sea and air, Zionist Mu-Barak keeps shut the Rafah border crossing — the sliver’s only border that bypasses the Zionist regime.
Mu-Barak regime justify his actions by saying that the border post is an Egyptian-Zionist crossing and should not be used without Zionist’s permission.
Zionist Mu-Barak is additionally building a steel wall along the Gaza border to prevent the transfer of any goods into the beleaguered Strip. Puppet Mu-Barak of Egypt is also to block the seaborne Gaza-bound supplies by stepping up security measures at its maritime border with Gaza.
Police say they seized a large quantity of goods including spare parts for motor vehicles, clothes, cans of food and electric water pumps during the operation.
Zionist police in Egypt told AFP on Friday the 22 detainees “are suspected of being implicated in the smuggling operations to supply Gaza through the tunnels” that run beneath Egypt’s border with Gaza.

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