On April 8, Kuwait’s Arabic daily, Aljarida, quoted General Majdi Abd Al-Ghaffar, the head of Egyptian National Security Apparatus saying that his forces have succeeded in foiling two spy cells ahead of the country’s presidential election – operating in Egypt and have arrested seven members of those cells who are being interrogated by security authorities.

The seven arrested include four Americans, one Israeli, one Norwegian and one Moroccan. They’re allegedly trying to collect information about the latest developments in the country.

The latest arrests came at the heel of 43 foreign and local members of several US-based Zionist NGOs were arrested in December 2011 on charges of espionage work for USrael.

Late in February, a trial which shook up Egypt’s 30-year alliance with the US began in Cairo when a court was told 16 American workers with non-governmental organizations were CIA spies.

Senator John Kerry, a Crypto-Jew, warned Cairo, calling the arrests “a slap on the face” for America. Israel-Firster Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S. Carolina) also warned Cairo that Egypt will lose $1.3 billion military aid if those Americans end up in jail. Zionist Jew Senator Ben Cardin (R-Maryland), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Monday that Washington should “re-evaluate” the bilateral relationship, adding that it was “totally unacceptable” for Egypt to prosecute the activists on charges of illegal funding of aid groups.

Washington’s blackmail worked and on March 2, a US military plane moved several American NGO operatives out of Egypt after lifting of travel ban by the pro-USrael military junta. US State Department Jewish spokeswoman Victoria Nuland declared that the US was “very pleased,” but stressed that “the departure of our people doesn’t resolve the legal case or the larger issues concerning the NGOs”.

According to media reports, the Obama administration funneled some $200 million into Egypt ahead of the parliamentary elections held last November. The US was reportedly seeking to prop up the country’s pro-Western political parties to counterbalance the Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Israel-Firster Sen. John McCain was one of the main brokers in the NGO controversy, meeting with General Tantawi and MB leaders alike. He issued a press release immediately after the travel ban was lifted, thanking the Muslim Brotherhood and its political party for “the constructive role played over the past week” and said, “their statement of February 20 was important in helping to resolve the recent crisis.”

Judge Mahmud Mohamed Shukry said the trial of the seven accused would resume on April 26 and the defendants could stay out of jail until the next hearing.

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