August 25, 2010

My reason for writing the post, Imagine you’re a British neofascist, was to convey the political absurdity of the Guardian’s original photograph.
The implied meaning of the photo was to connect the EDL with the Zio=Nazi regime of ‘Israel’.
It was to imply, in a subtle fashion, that Zionist’s could be EDL thugs too, that was the message coming from the Guardian.
This was not the first time that I have run across this argument.  However, let us step back and be clear that the EDL leadership are made up of Neo-Nazis and their allies.
We know this from circumstantial evidence, video footage, the publication of EDL events on neo-Nazi bulletin boards and above all from the statements of the one-time founder of the EDL, Paul Ray. Ray admits that Neo-Nazis took over the EDL in a video clip, here.
But perhaps we should consider some of the underlying issues and see what comes out.
In this form of arguing by innuendo, what we are meant to believe is that the neo-Nazis and their close associates, who actually run the EDL and decide policy, have suddenly taken a liking to the Zio=nazi regime.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Clearly, an alternative line of reasoning is possible, that the neofascists within the EDL are lying about their motives. It is a simpler and much more straightforward answer why neo-Nazis would suddenly take a liking to Zionism.
The problem being is that, Neo-Nazis don’t like Jews, as it is seen as the centre of Jewish power. That is something that all Neo-Nazis fear the most. A central theme to Nazism is the notion that Jews control and manipulate events around the world from a central location, in this case ‘Israel’. [Warning: illustrative links to original Nazi propaganda, nasty racist material.]
It is hardly credible that entrenched Neo-Nazis would suddenly wake up one-day and decide “Yes, we like jews.” It seems incongruous, and ever so improbable.
Why people would advance these arguments in one way shape or form I can’t say, they are nonsensical because you have to assume a multiplicity of tenuous assumptions, that just don’t hang together naturally.
For example, firstly, you have to assume that Neo-Nazis are honest about their motives. Secondly, that you can take their word as truthful. Thirdly, that they are sincere in their beliefs. Fourthly, that they have changed completely, to now liking Jews.
Which is all rather ludicrous and contrary to the evidence.
Possibly the reason that this argument, by innuendo, is pushed is that those people advancing it are completely ill-informed about the nature of the EDL?
Or conceivably they know next to nothing of politics or history? Perhaps they haven’t thought about the issues? Maybe they are prisoners of their own prejudices, they want to believe the worst and so do.
I can’t say one way or the other but what disturbs me is that seemingly highly educated individuals would erroneously jumped to the conclusion that Neo-Nazis have suddenly grown a love for all things Jews in particular.
It doesn’t make sense.
Surely, following Occam’s razor, the simpler answer is probably the correct one? And in the case of the EDL that means they are merely putting on a front and lying.
Of course, if you’re going to seriously argue the EDL really Jews then it is incumbent on you to provide some concrete evidence.
Also you would have to explain how Neo-Nazis have come to this conclusion and why. Above all, you would have to explain how Neo-Nazis have dropped their all-consuming hatred of Jews and are now to be taken seriously.
Some gullible types might be taken in, but that doesn’t change the historical evidence nor the fact that the EDL leadership are Neo-Nazis and their allies.
Again, so anyone trying to advance this argument would:
1) have to explain why the EDL leadership are not neo-Nazis
2) need to argue why those neo-Nazis are sincere and should be taken at their word
3) detail precisely why the EDL had taken this position, etc etc
I favour the simplest answer that the neo-Nazis in the EDL are lying and using this as a ploy to wrong foot their opponents.
Seriously, why should we believe the EDL?
What compelling reason is there that we should suspend our natural scepticism of political activists? If we would take the words of mainstream politicians with a pinch of salt, then surely the EDL’s and their assorted neo-Nazis’ deserve more than a handful?

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