October 4, 2010

Even with the aid of the Internet it is often difficult to keep up with the EDL’s activities, their racism, their shenanigans and stupidity.
Even more perplexing to understand is the fact that some people still haven’t made up their minds concerning the EDL.
They haven’t digested the fact that the English Defence League are thugs, football hooligans, convicted criminals, professional racists, neo-Nazis and the flotsam and jetsam of the Extreme Right in Britain.
Still, ignorance is no excuse, particularly when there are valuable resources which detail the EDL’s vile activities on the web, here are two.
The Expose’s pictorial twitter, which has extracts from EDL and BNP supporters, showing their true views, with clips from the EDL’s Facebook page.
It also has a threatening piece, apparently from Chris Renton, one of the EDL leaders. There’s plenty of stuff, well worth a long trawl.

Another related group on Facebook is Exposing intolerance and racism online XVI, they have plenty of material and coverage of the EDL’s thugs.


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