Ecuadorian President Declares Ecuador Will Not Be Bullied by US- Is Ecuador Becoming a Haven for Liberty and Activists?


The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, recently received a threatening phone call from US Vice President Joe Biden, demanding Ecuador not grant asylum to Edward Snowden. Correa has said before that he will not be bullied by the US or western powers, and Ecuador seems to becoming more and more free, and doing things like granting Julian Assange asylum. Are Ecuador’s administration’s pro-liberty actions real?

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa (Photo by Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images)
Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa (Photo by Salah Malkawi/ Getty Images)
By Cassius Methyl

Ecuador appears to be transforming, becoming more and more pro liberty, and resisting western control more and more. The Ecuadorian Political Administration has done things recently like grant Julian Assange safety and asylum in their embassy in the UK, releasing low level drug offenders from prison, and basically not prosecuting people who use drugs or sell small amounts.
They even banned GMO’s, and they are making a significant transformation. It is difficult to understand what is actually going on inside the country politically, but with objective analysis, this country seems to be becoming more free.
The American corporate media claims Rafael Correa is a hypocrite, and because he has sued news agencies in Ecuador, that he is not actually for free speech. Correa said he sued the news agencies to ” end media dictatorship “. He says the news agencies were owned by 6 powerful Ecuadorian families, and they were essentially paid off propaganda.
We all know that here in America, something must be done about the corporate news, which we all know is paid off and propaganda. Having news agencies all be supported by the same wealthy people, like the corporate media outlets of the US, is a crime in Ecuador, so Rafael Correa personally sued the companies, and shut them down. While this is a bold step to eliminating them, is it necessary? Most conscious people in the US i think would probably support the corporate media prosecution, and in Ecuador it is legally considered corruption.
So is Rafael Correa an oppressive leader as the corporate media of America paints him to be, or a step in the right direction, as his actions appear to show? Its hard to tell, not living in Ecuador. His actions seem to be for the cause of transparency and liberty, and it would give much hope to activists in places like the US, who one day may have to flee to Ecuador for their lives. Fleeing for things as simple as real journalism, to escape the fate of a person like Michael Haystings perhaps.
Rafael Correa recently said to a US Ambassador ” Don’t come lecturing us about liberty.. here we haven’t invaded anyone, here we don’t torture like in Guantanamo, here we don’t have drones killing alleged terrorists without any due trial, also killing the women and children of those supposed terrorists.
So don’t come lecturing us about life, law, dignity, or liberty. You do not have the moral right to do so. ” Sounds quite righteous to me. So can activists from the west who may one day be targets for the oppressive US government, depend on Ecuador and seek refuge here? Ecuador already is GMO free, drug war free essentially, and allegedly propaganda free. Hopefully Ecuador will continue to grow into a prosperous, free country, a haven for activists, true journalists, truth speakers, and free people.
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